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Fly Casting Discovery Journey

DPI Kids’ Fishing Workshops

The DPI have an ongoing program of workshops to introduce kids to the sport of angling. They are not free but a modest cost given the goodies they come away with and the experience. You can read about how one of our Juniors had a great day at Gaden Trout Hatchery in the Nov 2018 issue of Burley Line. (Bookings are essential, details in the flyer)

There are saltwater and freshwater focused versions at various locations in our region. Flyers are below.

Workshop Flyer Southern Salt 2019-20

Gaden Flyer 2019-20

CAA Fly Casting Discovery Journey

It has been suggested that the club should provide a resource for newcomers – to take them on a ‘learning discovery’ right from the start… What is Fly Fishing?  Learning everything right up to the casting weekends in September where the person can put it all together, and then to the Lyle Knowles weekend on the Eucumbene River (or perhaps a side visit to Providence Flats).  Jason Q has taken up this challenge and is preparing a series of tutorials.

Over a series of articles I wish to transfer some of my knowledge and understanding of fly fishing and the tackle associated with the sport, to the point you are able to arrive at the first CAA casting event and appreciate the basic principles, fundamentals and terminology.  From there a CAA Casting Instructor will take charge of your learning that will see you evolve into ‘dark art’ of fishing.

I am by no means a Certified Casting Instructor, I’ve not fished world class fly fishing events and I’m certainly not being paid by the likes of Sage, Rio and IFish.  I am however a die hard fly fishing nut of many years with rod in hand experience, and I catch my fair share of fishes.  The information and advice I offer is to provide you with confidence, not competence!

 What is fly fishing?

The most significant characteristic of fly fishing is that the weight of the line carries the hook through the air, whereas in spin and bait fishing the weight of the lure or sinker at the end of the line does this job.  This technique is particularly suited for casting very lightweight “bait” out to the fish, especially when this item is expected to float (eg to emulate an insect on the surface of the water).

 I’ll leave the history lesson for another time, but fly fishing has been around for a very long time – around 15th Century to be somewhat close, but what would I know I was born in the 1980’s!?! 

  • part1. The basics of what kit you need to start; a discussion on rods and the associated lines with an explanation of the different line profiles and different rod actions.  There is also a discussion about reels in particular the drag system.
  • part2. Setup of Rod, reel, line and knots – fly line to backing, reel etc, leaders and formula, braided loops, making your own welded loops, sighters etc. NEW Now with an added supplement on knots from Lyall.
  • part3. Casting tips – basic concept – timing, types of casts, loading, power applications etc.. 

Future Issues

  • Locations/flies (Snowy region/ local salt) Incorporating Lake/river styles of fishing – stripping techniques, mends, nymphing – Indicator – long lining etc.