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Member’s review on items of kit

Gear Review – Koldkutter Studs

Mark has been raving to me for ages about how screws for ice-racing motorcycles can be used for studs in wading boots. Shaun has taken the plunge and bought some, his review is here – many thanks mate.

Especially if you go to another supplier, Mark tells me that the coarse or self tapping thread is the one you want. The fine thread has to be screwed into a nut or threaded hole.

“These are the ones I use (image from here). A couple of tips:

  • Shoe must have a VERY hard sole. Soft sole and they will fall out after a while.
  • When screwing them in put some glue (aqua seal or shoe goo) on the thread.

Emergency Location Reporting

Our ever energetic President has produced a review of his latest new SPOT Connect and compares it  with his older Messenger locator beacons.

Most of us are aware of the Personal Locator Beacon revolution that has been going on. Many of us own one in case of emergency when angling in the back country. The SPOT system is slightly different and uses the Globalstar communication satellite system to be able to send pre-determined messages rather than declare an all-out emergency.

Click on the link below.