Gin Clear Rise Movie Festival – 14 Aug

It’s back in town 14 Aug, 7-9PM Capitol Cinemas Manuka. For those who didn’t get the promo email:

Oh yeah! It is coming back – RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival, the most extensive fly fishing festival in the world, will be back in Australian cinemas starting in August 2019 and traveling through the country for 2 months. In its 14th year, RISE is on a mission to celebrate our fly fishing lifestyle by bringing you engaging stories, from around the globe, of big fish and the inspiring characters that chase them. It’s the only way to kick-off the new fishing season!

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Festival Feature Films:

Collaborative project from Gin-Clear Media and Machado Outdoor, Distant Bays is the festival feature film. It details an exploratory trip to Lago Strobel, in the Patagonian region of Argentina. Generally exploratory trips are a struggle but not this one. The crew luck into an unbelievable spell of settled weather and the lake, which ordinarily is whipped to foam by the roaring forties, becomes as placid as a millpond. Five days of remarkable sight fishing for trophy rainbow trout ensue.

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Glorious Bastards is set in the beautiful, untouched waters of the Wessels Islands, Northern Territory. A group of South African and Aussie fly fishers venture there to tangle with a curious fish nicknamed the Blue Bastard. Aussie fly fishers have long known about these fish, but the Blue Bastard was only formally identified as a new species in 2015 and named Plectorhinchus caeruleonothus. Native only to Australian waters, this is a truly Aussie fish. They live up to their nickname and drive anglers insane with their pickiness and tenacity. Two different species of permit also swim these waters and they too display plenty of ‘bastard-like’ behaviour. This film is great fun as we watch these skilled anglers chase these glorious bastards.

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The movie Gigas follows two anglers, in the middle of the Brazilian jungle, as they chase a prehistoric fish that the natives call Pirarucú. This mythical creature is the Arapaima, one of world’s largest freshwater fish, but catching one on fly has its ups and downs. Follow Stephan Dombaj and Matt Harris as they attempt the seemingly impossible.

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