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Next Meeting

15 May – 7:30 at Raiders Weston. Our speaker will be a return from a local fishing notable Danny Spelic, he’ll be giving a presentation applicable to fishing in our region. This will be followed by our short business meeting.

Next Activities

24 Apr – Fly tying by Zoom – the tie is a parasol emerger and will be led by Ryan. More details here.

17-19 May – Tumut trip led by Stefan

Fly Tying 24 April – Parasol Emerger with Ryan

The Parasol Emerger is an intriguing fly pattern developed by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer. It’s designed to imitate emerging insects and has proven effective, especially in spring creek settings.

As you can see from the images, the recipe is fairly simple:

Parasol Emerger Recipe:


Your own/favourite emerger recipe, eg:
Hook: Standard dry fly hook (size 14-18)
Thread: Fine thread (white or light color)
Body: Dubbing (match the color of the natural insect)
Ribbing: Clear or translucent tubing (e.g., monofilament)

Parasol Post: ‘Stiffish’ Monofilament or synthetic fibres (for the “puff” effect)

April 2024 Burley Line (Issue 200) – updated

Bless my hard-working President, he’s updated the April Newsletter to include his Tantangara report – many thanks mate.

There may not be a May edition, so “Coming Events” are a little more extensive than usual.

We’ve got our usual entertaining mix here.  Paul describes a recent back country trip – topical given that Trev gave a monthly meeting looking at the most appropriate gear to take.  Some images from our fly tiers along with some late submissions of photos from our Jan/Feb trip to Jindabyne. Stefan has written on our forthcoming May trip, plus some observations about the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers Interclub Meet.

Burley Line Template

Claude suggested that I might upload a template for Burley Line newsletter. That way people making contributions can send in documents using fonts etc that the newsletter employs. Indeed, maybe there are some budding co-Editors who’d like to have a go at producing a full edition in the event that I’m away.

If you find it too hard, don’t worry. I’m more interested in getting good newsy stories than having them formatted in the standard fashion.

NSWCFA Interclub Meet and Raffle

Stefan is unable to promote and lead a team to the Meet, but everyone might consider entering the raffle. I’ve bought my ticket.

For those who can’t get links in the pdf to work (like on my tablet 🙂

Event info:

Register: https://www.sydneyflyrodders.com.au/event-5637081
Book accommodation: https://www.sydneyflyrodders.com.au/event-5637115
Buy raffle tickets: https://www.sydneyflyrodders.com.au/Raffle-tickets

MAS Busy Seeking Answers

Monaro Acclimatisation Society has recently written to three authorities.
1. NSW Minister Moriarty, seeking advice on what actions, other than trout stocking changes, are being implemented to support the Roundsnouted Galaxia
2. The Federal government Threatened Species Scientific Committee, to learn more about the submissions used to declare the Roundsnouted Galaxia as Endangered.
3. To DPI trout researchers, to explore the impact on trout food chain from water level changes from Tantangara being used for pumped hydro


CAA Subscription Fees

Since we are halfway through our subscription year (renewals are from August AGM to August AGM), the committee has advised that new members joining between now and the August 2024 AGM need only pay half rate of subscription.

NSWCFA March 2024 Newsletter

Has arrived and accessible here


Top items are:

  • Import tariff on fishing reels to be cut
  • Plibersek puts NSW on notice over feral horse numbers
  • Recreational fishers blind-sided by NSW Fisheries stocking ban – Steve Samuels resignation letter
  • The Big Trout to be repainted
  • Yabby Trap Round-Up: swap your old opera house yabby traps for an Oar-Gee Plow lure
  • Recreational fishing body for NSW

MAS and NSWCFA Correspondence With Federal Environment Minister

Readers may be aware that stocking of trout in the Snowy-Monaro has been impacted recently. This has come from the NSW DPI Fisheries’ response to a federal decision to declare the Roundsnouted Galaxia as an endangered species.

MAS was not included in the Federal decision making and has written to the Federal Minister expressing concerns. Her response has been received and it raised further questions.

It is clear this matter, and similar ones raised with the NSW Minister Moriaty are not resolved.

NSWCFA are also entering into this debate.

Rather than publishing all this correspondence here, you can read it on the relevant websites. Note that letters to Ministers etc are embargoed for a time to allow them to respond.

MAS News


NSWCFA Correspondence