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Lifecycle – caddis and stoneflies

Ben has produced two other videos covering the next two trout food insects – stoneflies and caddis.

I can’t say I’ve seen many stoneflies, but his references to squallids and salmonflies put some context to other American videos I’ve watched.

The caddis one is very relevant.

I wonder if we could get him to do one on mudeyes/dragonflies.

A New, Different, Fly Fishing Journal and Website

CAA was approached by a local Canberran Henry Delves, who is the developer of a new fly fishing journal/website.

Henry explained:

I would like to share our free online fly fishing journal, Tale Out with the members of the Canberra Anglers. As a free online fishing resource Tale Out is likely something that your members would be interested in.

The most efficient thing for the club’s members to do is to sign up to the free monthly newsletter. This will keep people in the loop when our articles are published.

Tale Out is taking a different approach to our fly fishing stories, speaking more to the experience rather than the traditional ‘grip and grins’. We hope it resonates.

We’ll be inviting Henry to be a speaker next year.

The following gives you a snapshot of the content.

Fly Tying Index

I was looking back searching for a particular fly and realised how large our records are now. And that the lack of an index made it tedious to search.

So I have created a pretty basic one and will, in due course, include it somewhere on our home page.

Would welcome any feedback, eg how many entries on each page … not sure if I can have no limit.

Also, are you aware that our blog has a search function … only works if you have correct spelling. At the very bottom of any post (including this post) and the bottom of our main blog page.