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Grahame Wicks, 1999, Trout Stream and Fly Rod – Review by Shaun

The book follows a familiar pattern, a series of stories based on a series of fishing trips. It’s no less interesting as a result though – the main selling point for us is that it’s very local. Grahame fishes the Cotter, Point Hut, Angle Crossing, Frying Pan. The stories are from his very early fishing career in the 70s, so there’s a nice local history aspect here as well. The book is a local pressing and might be a little hard to find. I’m happy to lend my copy if this is the case.

Phillip Weigall, 2009 & 2011, Fishing Season and Fishing Sense (Two Volumes) – Review by Shaun

Phil’s prose style is pretty clear and straightforward, not remotely flowery. He still manages to capture the reasons why we fish, and the feelings that go along with it. The local content is appealing, and Phil peppers his stories with advice and technique that make me want to get the highlighter pens out. If you can find a copy of Trout Stories from 2004, it’s also written in a similar vein. (Editor: – I’ve got that in my library J)