Useful Links

Water, Weather and Warnings

Reporting Illegal Activities – Fisher’s Watch

On line Portal

Fisheries ask that you record the following information before reporting:

  • Type of activity
  • Time, date and location of activity
  • Number of people and any descriptions
  • Registration numbers of cars and boats.

Licences/Regulatory Issues

  • NSW Fishing Licence. The new digital licence can be obtained via an app – check here.
  • The Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council represents anglers and makes recommendations to the Minister on the management of our fisheries
  • The NSW Govt management of Crown Roads (specifically calls for submissions on proposed sales) is to be improved. Meantime here is the link to search for forthcoming proposed sales.
  • Victorian Fishing Licence (note that ACT Seniors don’t need a licence). Also provides a link to the nifty Victorian Fishing Smartphone App.

Other Clubs/Organisations


  • CRFA2014
  • We received a great presentation by the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach. A number of opportunities for CAA to be involved were discussed. Click here to see the presentation and ways you can help. Their 2015 report is available here. A report on their project with Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch “Carp Love 20 Degrees Celsius” – a community engagement initiative is here and a poster on the carp tagging/tracking project is here.
  • Jason M spoke at the June 2015 meeting on Remote Area Communications. Check out the summary here to which also has some very useful links.

Other Web Resources

Podcasts: search for Orvis Fly Fishing. Heaps and heaps of ‘very relaxed’ podcasts covering a range of topics. Also ABC’s the Big Fish: NSW and Canberra fishing information.

He particularly liked “The Flyfisher’s Podcast”.  They said “What we have in the pipeline is informative chats with some big-name characters that we can’t wait to air. If you’re Aussie and you flyfish, you’re going to love this commentary”.

YouTube: Davie McPhail’s 3 killer nymph patterns. (

He and BJ found this useful chart matching bead sizes to hook sizes