How to Use Our Blog.

The CAA 'Blog' is a series of notes ('posts') providing a sequence of interesting items for the reader. The main page shows a complete collection (newest at the top). Each post is assigned to a category and there is a menu bar that can navigate you to a list only of one category. We currently have eight categories:

  • our monthly newsletter Burley Line
  • a Journey of Discovery that describes one member's experience in taking up fly fishing
  • reports from our members on special places they have visited for fishing
  • instructions for our monthly fly tying workshops plus other fly related discussions
  • instructions for our lure making workshop
  • reviews provided by members on selected equipment they've been using
  • a collection of recipes
  • news - this is a topical collection and old posts get removed. It is replicated at the bottom of the home page of our website in a little (scrollable) window
  • Members are encouraged to contribute to this collection via emailing posts to the Secretary or newsletter editors. Once vetted they will get uploaded onto the blog.

    In addition, readers can interact with the contributors by providing comments ('Replies') on specific posts. Note that the 'leave a reply' process asks for your name. This will be displayed on the Blog when the reply is uploaded. If you prefer that your surname not appear on our blog, then feel free just to use first name (and surname initial if required). The first time you submit a reply, it will go to the blog administrator for vetting before it appears on the blog - once this first reply is approved, any future replies will go up immediately. Any inappropriate replies will be deleted by the blog administrator.

    The blog approach has an additional benefit as readers can register to 'follow' the blog and receive an email when new items have been added. Just submit your email address using the form at the top right of the page. The process will send you an email asking you to confirm your registration - just watch out, some people have found this email arrived in their 'spam' or 'junk' folder.

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