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Reporting Illegal Activities – Fisher’s Watch

On line Portal

Fisheries ask that you record the following information before reporting:

  • Type of activity
  • Time, date and location of activity
  • Number of people and any descriptions
  • Registration numbers of cars and boats.

Licences/Regulatory Issues

Other Clubs/Organisations


  • CRFA2014
  • We received a great presentation by the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach. A number of opportunities for CAA to be involved were discussed. Click here to see the presentation and ways you can help. Their 2015 report is available here. A report on their project with Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch “Carp Love 20 Degrees Celsius” – a community engagement initiative is here and a poster on the carp tagging/tracking project is here.
  • Jason M spoke at the June 2015 meeting on Remote Area Communications. Check out the summary here to which also has some very useful links.

Other Web Resources

Apps: Orvis Fly fishing. Its an app that has a range of flies, tips and videos (if you load them up)
Podcasts: search for Orvis Fly Fishing. Heaps and heaps of ‘very relaxed’ podcasts covering a range of topics. Also ABC’s the Big Fish: NSW and Canberra fishing information
YouTube: Davie McPhail’s 3 killer nymph patterns. (

  • DPI now has a very useful page advising on historical fish stocking. Find those sites that MAS and others have put the fish paid for by your fishing licence.
  • – this is a great resource for accessing old books etc.  ACTFF member Brett Leyshon has also provided us with an excellent ‘how-to’.
  • “World’s Best Freshwater Fishing Blog”?  Claude must have seen this on WIN News.  He tells me “Looks pretty good, but I didn’t go past the front page …because I’m still working ”.  See for yourself here.
  • Tiemco Hook Comparison Chart. Lyall says “I used this comparison chart to find equivalent hooks for tying some yabby flies today.  Others who live in small towns where the variety of hooks is limited might also find it useful. ”
  • Claude provided us with  50 Experts Share Their 3 Best Fly Fishing Tips | Epic Wilderness