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Tip: Best Practice for Handling Fish

Mike Kirkpatrick is a Kiwi guide and movie maker. He recently posted a brief video on YouTube on how to handle fish.

In terms of Claude’s rating scheme

  • Entertaining [3]
  • Education [4]
  • Locality [5]
  • Length [4 x ~ 8 min]
  • Quality? [4]

Excellent drone footage of fighting the fish. Pretty good demonstrations of best practices. I think the only admission was no mention of the benefits of barbless hooks.

Improving Your Euro Nymphing

I got this from Claude. Just a little late for the July Burley Line, but will appear in the August version for those who don’t follow CAA Blog News.

He subsequently proposed the idea of a simple rating scheme that CAA could use and suggested these vlogs would rate:

  1. Entertaining [3]
  2. Education     [5]
  3. Locality?       [N/A]
  4. Length           [5 x ~40 min]
  5. Quality?        [4]


Whilst searching YouTube for fly fishing videos I came across White Dog instructional videos on ‘How to Euro Nymph Series’. The videos are great and I have picked up a number of good tips. I consider the videos of equivalent quality to that of Dynamic Nymphing which you have to pay for. There are about five videos in series…with some additional videos on topics such as ‘5 Biggest Mistakes When Euro Nymphing – Tips to Euro Nymph Effectively’. Start here to increase your knowledge on Euro nymphing => White Dog How to Euro Nymph

The Flyfisher’s Podcast

Our President is an avid podcast listener. He’s suggested that this series from The Flyfisher team is worthy of a look. According to their note “What we have in the pipeline is informative chats with some big-name characters that we can’t wait to air. If you’re Aussie and you flyfish, you’re going to love this commentary”.

The podcasts are being offered via a number of channels. Their website is only showing Episode 1 but perhaps it will become their main gateway.

I have included this in our “useful links” page.

The Effects of Rainfall and Temperature on a Monaro Stream

Freddy von Reibnitz originally published this paper in the Journal of the NSW Rod Fishers’ Society – a very prestigious and exclusive fishing club. The article was subsequently published in the Newsletter of the ACT Fly Fishers where I was able to read and appreciate the significant analytical work therein. It appears here for Canberra Anglers Association through Freddy’s generosity. I hope that others will benefit from the knowledge that has been extracted and presented here.

The analysis provides a mathematical and robust consideration of long term rainfall and air temperature data.  The findings are quite sobering to say the least.

The impact on the trout fishery is a major element of DPI and MAS research.  It is also instructive to consider some of the research into mitigation that the Victorian fisheries authorities are undertaking.