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Coming Events

Next Meeting:

Wed 19th Oct – 7:30PM at Raiders Weston Club. Speaker to be advised.

Next Events:

Wed 25th Sep – the topic of the use and how to make dubbing brushes will get a guernsey.

Longer Term Planning:

Sundays 22nd and 29th Sep – our annual free fly casting lessons to the public on the lawns of Old Parliament House. The final weekend will be optional time on water at Googong Dam. Note that a NSW Fishing Licence is required. More details closer to the date.

Saturday 26th Oct – CAA are helping Men’s Link with fishing activity on LBG – we’ll be providing some angling expertise to assist the Men’s Link adults with mentoring youth proteges. More info from David or Rod. (Note I had the wrong date originally.)

Saturday 16th NovWaterbugblitz on the Cotter.

Saturday 30th Nov and Sunday 1st Dec – CAA will be running a sausage sizzle at the big sale at Compleat Angler Fyshwick.

DPI Finally call for Interest to Fill RFNSW

The Recreational Fishing NSW Ministerial Advisory Council has been moribund for most of this year. Recall its responsibilities including oversight of spending of licence fees.

Finally, DPI has put out a request for expressions of interest from recreational anglers to join this body. Steve Samuels has been our voice on this body and I’m hoping he’ll re-apply, but others should think about it too.

Expression of Interest site, including remuneration and selection criteria is here.

More about the regions that members each represent is here.

Applications close on 29 Sep.

NSW DPI $for$ Fish Stocking

CAA has been successful in its bid to the $for$ native fish stocking program. Recreational Fishing Trust Funds dollars (ie our licence fees) will provide $2,000 to match $2,000 from club funds (this encompasses around $1,200 granted to CAA for stocking purposes from the wind up of the CRFA).

Jason M is project lead and no doubt will be looking for volunteers to help. Expect an email to all members soon.

Well done to JM for putting together this successful bid – I believe based on last year’s bid put together by Lyall. Last year’s $for$ did not go ahead due to poor conditions and competing demands for fish out of the hatcheries.

Native Fish Rating Tool

Did everyone note that Ash’s 60.5cm yellowbelly beat his 100cm cod this year for the Keith Shield’s Natives trophy? This is all due to CAA Native Fish calculator, designed to level the playing field for our different sized natives. The yella scored 85% vs cod 74%.

The key parameters in the calculator are the legal length in NSW and the length record as managed by ANSA. NSW length rules are unchanged and the record for the fish in the calculator has not been exceeded. So the calculator remains valid. I’ve now updated the page to show it is in effect for trophy year 2019-2020


Fly Tying 28 Aug 2019 – Double Decker Comparadun

The Comparadun series of no-hackle dry flies were developed by Caucci and Nastasi in the 1970s using a hair wing tied in a 180° flair. They are very effective patterns in slow-moving clear water where an imitative (as opposed to impressionistic) pattern is needed.

Comparaduns are one of the most versatile mayfly patterns in existence representing a low-riding mayfly to near perfection. They are commonly used during a PMD (pale morning dun) hatch. The fly we will be tying is Davie McPhail’s ‘Double Decker”. This is a relatively straight forward fly to tie and wont break your budget ….you may have the material in your tying kit.


  • Hook – size 14
  • Thread – 8/0 to match your dubbing
  • Tail – Microfibets, antron or Coq de Leon fibres (use pheasant tail if that’s all you have)
  • Body – Olive or any other natural dry fly dubbing
  • Wing – Deer Hair

‘Special’ Equipment:

  • Deer Hair Stacker – you can borrow other tyer’s stacker if you don’t have one

From <>

CAA Joins the National Waterbug Blitz

You may remember our news post about the National Waterbug Blitz and that Jaime was negotiating for CAA to join in.

He tells us we’re in. We’ll be partnering with a local Waterwatch group who have experience in the conduct of the survey.

Pencil in Sat 16 Nov. We’ll be getting access through the Tidbinbilla Road gate for easy access to the survey site around Vanity’s Crossing. More info from Jaime soon.

Meantime read about this national program here:

2019-08-12 Media Release – National Waterbug Blitz Launch