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Anglers Access Website

DPI have been (slowly) developing a website to provide information to anglers of access to waters across NSW. Check it out the prototype:

NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers has been pursuing DPI for advice in its further advancement. Seems to me that despite lots of dots on the map, the underlying information remains quite thin.

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Coming Events

Next Meeting:

Wed 12th Jun – 7:30PM at Raiders Weston Club. Speaker will be advised.

Next Events:

Wed 22nd May – Fly tying – all the people who would normally host fly tying nights will be out of Canberra or have family commitments so there will be no fly tying for May. As Lyall said “This doesn’t stop you whip finishing up a storm on your own to fish the last of the trout season in the hills.”

Fri 14th – Sun 16th Jun – ‘Jun Chill’ at Angler’s Reach. More details from Lyall.

Sale at Anglers Art – Update

Update from Lyall:

There are still amazing bargains to be had at The Angler’s Art in Phillip and Pratt’s Tackle Box in Belconnen.

At The Angler’s Art in Phillip they have put together grab bags of fly tying material at fifty percent off the usual prices and all fly lines have been consolidated at Phillip at bargain prices. Don’t forget that Brendan at Pratt’s Tackle Box in Belconnen has loads of tackle, lures, clothing … you name it. You will regret it if you don’t get these bargains NOW.

You might like to pop in for a bargain or see it as supporting Doris.

Gaden Trout Hatchery – Tri Annual Report – Jan-May 2019

We received from MAS two reports from Gaden. The routine Tri-annual and a special report on the fish kill at the hatchery.

Steve Samuels remarked “Happy to say the hatchery met all our stocking targets, so a big thank you to them for their hard work during this awful event.

The fish kill report shows the effort taken by hatchery staff. I understand they denuded all stocks of bagged ice in Jindabyne at the time. The infrastructure projects referred to look very encouraging.

Gaden Report Jan-april

fish kill report- gaden

Compleat Angler Canberra Arrives

Nathan is back in town and has been recruited as the fulltime manager of the new Compleat Angler Canberra. It is in the previous WetSpot shop at 16 Wollongong St, Fyshwick (their sign will be replaced by a Compleat Angler soon). Nathan tells me he is trading now but the full array of stock is still a few weeks away. The shop will also be selling Hobie kayaks etc and offering servicing for kayak owners.

One thing has changed. The shop will be supporting CAA for raffles etc, but individual discounts via club membership won’t be offered. Instead individuals will be getting bonus credits with each purchase through an individual loyalty plan. Nathan can explain fully when you drop in.



Trout Strategy Update

In consultation with stakeholders, the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has prepared a snapshot of the NSW Trout Strategy (attached) to ensure the enduring future of the recreational trout fishery.

Following on from the NSW Trout Strategy Workshops which were held mid-last year, NSW DPI will be conducting further informal workshops. The first of these meeting was held at Gaden Trout Hatchery on the 10th of April and we will now be holding further workshops in the New England and Central Tableland areas. This is a great opportunity to meet DPI staff and for anglers to hear about new and ongoing great research, enhancements to hatcheries, stocking and management arrangements and DPI/ angler communication. The event will begin with presentations from management and research staff after which anglers can see demonstrations on research techniques such as tagging, electrofishing and participate in further discussions.

Workshops will be held at the

L.P. Dutton Trout Hatchery (Point Lookout Road, Ebor NSW) on the 25th May 2019 from 2:30pm- 4:30pm

Black Gold Motel Wallerawang (Lithgow,) on the 15th June 2019 – from 2:30pm to 3:30pm and then on Lake Wallace 3:30pm to 4:30pm for fish stocking and scientific display

Registration is required in order to help with workshop seating and catering purposes. To register your interest at either of the two events above contact Jo Merritt via email

or phone at the Hume Fisheries Office on 02 6051 7760.

If you have any feed back or questions on the on the Trout Strategy Snapshot feel free to email

15152-Trout_Strategy_Goals(press)-LR (2)

May 2019 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 143)

The weather didn’t seem to have read the script over Easter.  Yep, a little cooler in the evening and the leaves were falling, but the temperatures were unseasonable.  Whereas Peter, Ian and I were in NZ with some drastic winds and floods but thankfully still got a few fish (especially that ‘almost a Kiwi’ Ian).  Anyway, we seem to be now getting some rain, but I’m unsure if it is having impact on the Monaro streams.

One big item of news is that our own prodigal son, Nathan, is back in town and the powerhouse behind an expansion of WetSpot in Fyshwick taking over the Compleat Angler franchise following the Pratt’s closure.  I’ll pop more info up on the news blog in due course but Nathan tells me it won’t be truly operational for a few week yet.

This issue seemed to be shaping up as a bit thin but clearly my mind is slipping – had totally forgotten Luke’s report on the April trip that he had sent to me while I was away.  It was an excellent report so I’ve popped it into our “Places” blog for visibility.  A copy is included in this issue also.  Claude has reported back on some time he had on Eucumbene plus a couple of mystery photos from Luke.  JQ has been competition fishing and he explains a little about how it works.  Maybe the rest of you have been too busy fishing to report in but, as always, I truly appreciate my reliable correspondents coming through.

Breaking news: This updated version has Luke’s full report PLUS Claude submitted some up-to-date intel on his trip on 5 May to the Tumut – essential reading for those going up with Stefan later this month.

Claude remarked to me the other day that our ‘photo of the month’ and cover shots are perhaps dominated by “fish grab” – yep, guilty as charged.  Accordingly this month has a more scenic cover image courtesy of Claude – thanks mate.


Out Adaminaby Way

The April 2019 High Country trip was originally planned by JQ for ‘the other side of the mountain’ but circumstances got in the way.  Fly Fish Australia competitions, Man From Snowy River celebrations, Easter … so much conspired against the original plan.  The locale was changed to camping out at 3 Mile Dam, but attendee numbers dwindled (Peter, Ian and I were in NZ so we had a legitimate excuse).  In the end a dynamic duo of JQ and (big) Luke stayed in a cottage at Adaminaby and ventured forth into the back country.  Their story is below – I remain envious of how well it all went.  JQ still refuses to give me the precise location, but it inspires me to look more closely.


Gear Review – Koldkutter Studs

Mark has been raving to me for ages about how screws for ice-racing motorcycles can be used for studs in wading boots. Shaun has taken the plunge and bought some, his review is here – many thanks mate.

Especially if you go to another supplier, Mark tells me that the coarse or self tapping thread is the one you want. The fine thread has to be screwed into a nut or threaded hole.

“These are the ones I use (image from here). A couple of tips:

  • Shoe must have a VERY hard sole. Soft sole and they will fall out after a while.
  • When screwing them in put some glue (aqua seal or shoe goo) on the thread.