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Improving Your Euro Nymphing

I got this from Claude. Just a little late for the July Burley Line, but will appear in the August version for those who don’t follow CAA Blog News.

Whilst searching YouTube for fly fishing videos I came across White Dog instructional videos on ‘How to Euro Nymph Series’. The videos are great and I have picked up a number of good tips. I consider the videos of equivalent quality to that of Dynamic Nymphing which you have to pay for. There are about five videos in series…with some additional videos on topics such as ‘5 Biggest Mistakes When Euro Nymphing – Tips to Euro Nymph Effectively’. Start here to increase your knowledge on Euro nymphing => White Dog How to Euro Nymph

July 2022 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 180)

I had thought this would be a rather thin edition – how wrong I was. Seems there’s a number of us who have been out and about even Al getting into trout down south (report held over from last month). Many thanks to our contributors. I would welcome articles from everyone for our next edition – can you get the stuff to me by 25 July please?

So … inside we’ve got a report on some Victorian trout river fishing (Al exploring his new domain), Roger provides a report based on his presentation to the June meeting (the start of his round the world bike ride), Ian giving us a feel about his regular winter sojourn at Burrum Heads, a short report from JM on long service leave up north (forgot his go-pro so no fish imagery), finally, yours truly and JQ test out some swaffing in Cairns.

Got an interesting article come into my in-box on sharpening up your casting. Be interesting to see Lyall’s opinion, but I’m going to try the “Slip-Lift” Pick-up. In due course I’ll put an item in our Beginners blog … indeed the newsletter used to have a small, irregular, segment on ‘tips’ provided by members for members. I’ll slowly upload those into the Beginners blog too – note that the title perhaps is misleading, there’s a lot there for everyone of every skill level.

Everyone would have seen the email from Lyall about next year’s program. Still a work in progress it seems though I’ve already seen that one more event has been confirmed. So folks please step up and propose an event, and hopefully offer to lead (it is not an onerous task if we spread it around).

Coming Events

Next Meeting

Next Activities:

Wed 13th July 2022. It should be face-to-face at Raiders and on Zoom starting 7:30PM. Details will be sent by email.

Wed 22nd Jun. Fly Tying via Zoom. Details will be sent via email.

No more fishing events this season. The Committee have sought members’ suggestions for 2022-2023 season.

News on our casting days and Saltwater Trophy events postponed due to COVID, will be advised in due course.

Meeting 8 Jun

‘Room and Zoom’. From John:

The June meeting of CAA will be held at the Raiders Club in Weston on Wednesday 8 June at 7.30pm. The meeting will be your last opportunity to record catch results in the Green Book for the 2021-22 season. Come along, enjoy a meal at the club before the meeting and catch up with your fishing mates! We will have a guest speaker who may be joining us from the NT!

I will circulate an invitation to join us via Zoom under a separate email.

Stocking in the Region of Trout Cod

I’ve got some news from MAS that will interest folk.

MAS has become aware of unconfirmed reports of native trout cod being stocked in the Goodradigbee River.

Information was obtained from the Threatened Species Unit of DPI via the recreational angling contact in DPI Fisheries,  Jim Harnwell. They advised that trout cod were stocked in the Goodradigbee River on two occasions.  The first stocking was on 2/12/2020 and consisted of 16,000 fingerlings.  The second occurred on 3/12/2021 and consisted of 20,000 fingerlings.  The fingerling size for both stockings was approx. 40mm.  It appears that both stockings took place below the Brindabella Bridge in a number of locations.

Also it appears that trout cod have also been stocked in the Upper Murrumbidgee River and Upper Murray River.  These were done about 7 to 10 years ago  – for the Murrumbidgee they were all stocked below Tantangara Dam.

This raises a number of questions for the MAS.  President, Steve Samuels, has expressed to DPI disappointment that the MAS was not advised by the Threatened Species Unit of these stockings.  He indicated that recreational anglers could be placed in a compromising position if they caught a trout cod and kept it, believing it to be a murray cod.

The TSU has given an undertaking to improve their internal communication with the Rec Fish Manager to ensure we do not have these surprises or anglers are not compromised.

NSWCFA June 2022 Newsletter

Available here. Top issues:

  • Advanced trout stocked in Snowy Lakes
  • Murray Crayfish season now open
  • After the Federal election…
  • Recreational Fishing and Camping Facilities Program
  • Maccas in the Georges River
  • NSW CFA May Quarterly General Meeting
  • The next quarterly general meeting and the AGM of the NSWCFA will be on Saturday 20 August at 10.00 am via Zoom