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Coming Events

Apologies – the dates for Lyle Knowles have previously been published in error – now corrected

Sun 22 Oct – Our annual Lyle Knowles trophy competition is going back to our roots on the Cotter River.  More information via email.  Be there to be in the running for this historic trophy (actually a silver platter, going back to the start of CAA in 1945)

Wed 25 Oct – fly tying with Nathan instructing on the Bibio.

Wed 8 Nov. Monthly meeting. 7:30 start at Raiders Weston Club. To be confirmed: a doctor from the Australian Skin Cancer Clinic at Erindale will be speaking about identification and treatment of skin cancers.

Lyle Knowles

Apologies, I’ve just been reminded that our Events page (and our membership card) is showing the incorrect date for Lyle Knowles.  Subsequent to the printing a decision was taken to shift from the one day event on Saturday and instead the event will be held Sun 22 Oct.

There was also some discussion about the determination of the winner given that in the past it was ‘best bag’.  Committee has confirmed that the winner will be the longest (nose to tail) individual fish.

Gaden Hatchery Quarterly Report

We had earlier posted much of this information but now here is the official report.

Gaden Trout Hatchery Report June-oct 2017

For those unaware, Gaden Hatchery is generally the single source for DPI and MAS stocking of trout in this region.  The situation last year was pretty parlous with few fishing running up from Lake Jindabyne.  Gaden used to provide monthly reports, but to reduce administrative workload, they are now less frequent.  The latest report passed to us by Steve Samuels is very positive.  Not only were the runs, especially the browns, larger (Gaden was able to remove the fish trap much earlier allowing fish to run up the river and spawn naturally), but the number of stocked fish detected was very low meaning the ‘naturally bred’ fish were very much in the preponderance.  The inclusion of Eucumbene fish into the Gaden stock sounds like a good idea for genetic diversity.  Keep your eye out for the tagged ex-brood stock fish in Jindabyne.

All unwanted 2+ 3+ rainbow  trout broodstock (230 individuals) have been released into Lake Jindabyne with an elastomer implant (pink) inserted near the left eye.


October 2017 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 126)

Apologies, I’ve been told that the ‘Coming Events’ in this issue has the incorrect date for the Lyle Knowles.  A decision was taken after the membership card was printed to shift from the one day event on Saturday and instead the event will be held Sun 22 Oct.

A big issue this month – many thanks to those who have contributed words and photos.  Reports include the casting weekends, including our time on water, Lake Eucumbene continues to produce good fish, Thompsons Creek Dam continues to prove hard to crack.  CAA activities in Switzerland and Malaysia grace our pages this month. Gaden Hatchery reports a very successful spawning run.  Finally, the RecFish NSW newsletter has brought to our attention a very useful information source on stocking sites.

Hope you enjoy it and again many thanks to contributors.


CAA Fly Tying – 27 Sept 2017 The Aero Emerger

hosted by Claude


Item Notes
Hook Tiemco 900 BL #16 – 18

Or 102Y #19

Thread 8/0 Uni thread – wine
Body Hare’s Ear
Emergent Wing Tiemco Aero Dry yarn (black or grey)


In Australia’s Best Trout Flies Revisited Pat Kennedy writes that David’s Aero Emerger has become his go-to fly whenever a hatch begins on the Mataura or its tributaries.  He notes that it rarely lets him down.  Suprisingly the black wing usually has excellent visibility, and seems to present a credible profile of an emerger dun.  When tying the wing, leave a small shoulder to suggest the wing-case of an emerging mayfly. Dub the body very sparsely so that it sinks when wet.  Prior to fishing, apply a small amount of floatant to the wing and shoulder only.

Change to Trophy Rules

The AGM in August discussed the anomaly that fish caught on an official CAA event held outside the defined trophy regions (NSW CFA Regions 3 and 4) could not be considered for trophies under the extant rules.  This was further discussed at the Bondi Forest executive ‘retreat’ and revised rules were developed.  These were endorsed at the September CAA meeting.  Also endorsed was an expansion of the number of trophies to include trophies for cod, golden perch (named the Charlie Diedo trophy), bass and English Perch (redfin).

The revised rules (including, in due course, a ‘worked example’ of the slightly complicated trout trophies) are now on the web.