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Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW – Jan 2021 Newsletter

Through our affiliation with the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers, we are engaged with the RFANSW. Their first newsletter of 2021 (here) has its usual mix of salt and freshwater. Some interesting items:

  • Recreational fishers call for proper research and data to manage Batemans Marine Park
  • UTAS Science of Fishing online course
  • Does the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust Need an INDEPENDENT Audit?

NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers Jan 21 Newsletter

Alistair McBurnie

The first of the new year has been released here

Topical items are:

  • Fish screens – benefits for fish, fishers, irrigators, communities
  • A number of items on natives especially Murray Cod, in particular the relocation of rescued cod
  • More on feral horses and Federal Government action
  • NSW fishing licence will be valid on Lake Hume in a 12 month trial this year

January 2021 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 163)

We typically don’t have a January edition, (especially since I’ve never been able to convince an ex-Vice President to do a special Christmas Edition J).  Nevertheless, I thought it particularly important this year.  A chance to report on an enjoyable end of year barbeque catching up after a year of limited gatherings and a successful coast trip (well for everyone except me L).  The ever reliable Jason M has produced reports on his aspect of the Coast trip, but he extended on to head on to Brogo where we missed out last month, plus provided some additional reporting on the Lake G outing which was run when the CAA Brogo event was cancelled.  A prolific contributor to Burley Line and always appreciated.

Moreover, looking forwards, we have an unprecedented (if ever a word was overused recently that one would have to take the cake) two events in January – Claude’s carp caper and our ever popular Jindabyne trip – occurring before we even meet for the first time in 2021.  Make sure you put them into the diary, and contact me if you have an interest in Jindy.  We already have 12 members showing interest … and note there are only 14 beds.  More information soon via email.

As I write this, President Claude is in Melbourne having his nasal passages probed by Dan Andrew’s medical staff and me having to cancel my planned trip to Terrigal later this week due to the Northern Beaches outbreak.  How soon the COVID situation can resurge after success – and threaten the chances of a few of us planning a trip to NZ in April.  As we have all agreed, 2020 has been an insane year, we can only hope things will feel more normal next year.

From me and my team of helpers, all the best for the festive season and hope to see you all in the new year.

Coming Events

Next Meeting

Wed 10th Feb 2021. First meeting for 2021. Let’s see if face to face will be back. Watch for emails.

Next Activities

Sun 17th Jan. Carp Bash with Claude. Details via email (and other posts).

Fri-Sun 29th-31st. Jindabyne hosted by Bill. Details via email (and other posts).

Wed 24th Feb. First Fly Tying. Details via email (and other posts)

More on brumbies

Did you see this one?

” Alpine river guide Richard Swain showed Ms Ley through the landscape he grew up on

“Destruction is across the entire ecosystem,” Mr Swain, a Wiradjuri man, told AAP.

The horses also trampled sediment into creeks, which affected fish breeding, Mr Swain said.”

I wonder how real is this funding and will it be actually actioned given the KNP is a NSW state asset.

NSWCFA Newsletter – Dec 2020

Arrived after publication of our Dec newsletter. Some interesting stuff here folks:

  • Murray Cod season opened today
  • Roundup – friend or foe? – a report here that seeks to understand the chemical
  • Fish passage a priority issue for the NSWCFA – a lot of detail on the issue, including a description of the NSW Government initiative looking at the matter … think reducing barriers to fish migration
  • Got walking shoes and a camera? You can help Reclaim Kosci this summer. – assistance sought in identifying brumby locations
  • Platypuses continuing to die because of COVID-19? – NSWCFA, as part of the Platypus Alliance, have been pushing the NSW Government to put in place the regulatory mechanisms to ban Opera House traps – known to kill platypus. The most recent correspondence with the various ministers has blamed COVID restrictions on the lack of action.
  • Latest NSWCFA Executive and General Meetings

December 2020 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 162)

In this issue:

  • An article by new member Tristan on building a fly rod – quite inspiring and the rod does work (see cover photo).
  • Images and videos of Googong – a bit more water there now than when we went during the casting weekends.  Thanks Greg S and Lyall.
  • Jaime works as an entomologist (just an excuse to learn the wheres and whens of trout food!) and he chanced on an interesting find.
  • Promo from me for the Jan 2021 Jindabyne trip.
  • A sad tale from someone who will remain nameless.
  • Brogo was cancelled, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t go fishing.
  • Mike offered some supplementary advice in respect to JQ’s Flat Wing Deceiver pattern.
  • Did everyone know that Lake Eucumbene has been performing well?
  • One item for sale.
  • Lots of news from our lobby groups.

Nov 2020 Outing Change – Lake Ginninderra

A message from the organiser, Jason M:

Going Native Mini Outing Saturday Evening – 21 Nov

G’Day all, surveying those who expressed interest in heading down chasing bass this weekend, most of us have ended up with impacts to our ability to get down there for a fish.

With the aim of still getting us together, having a fish and catch up (even if we don’t catch a fish), I have opted for a relaxing local get together down Lake Ginninderra where we can have a bbq and a fish for natives as the sun goes down. We can still chase some natives.

Aiming for about 5pm down near Diddam’s Close boatramp. There are nearby toilets, playground for any kids, and access to wet a line. The wind should be dropping, and dry enough for a good evening rise. There’s plenty of snags, drop offs, and even some reeds, and options for those wanting to wet a kayak. There might be an old yella or a reddie about.

Feel free to come down, enjoy a cook up or a sundowner drink, and wet a line and catch up. Have an earlier paddle, or wet a line as the light drops. Might need some aeroguard. The area is where I caught the yellowbelly and I hear the cod are getting active as a bycatch. There is also usually redfin near the reeds.

Bring down a chair and enjoy the sunset.

I am still looking at a (daytime) Brogo bass fish later this year, either on the back of the December coast outing (maybe the following Monday, when my holidays start) or closer to Christmas. I hear they just recently did some more stocking there.

Fly Tying – 25 Nov 2020 – Flat Wing Deceiver – Materials and Notes

A short update. Mike noted in the comments that Micky Finn had spoken about this fly for local natives during a session at Compleat Angler. JQ has done some research and pointed me to

JQ said “Mentioned deceiver but not flat wing..The flat wing just presents more of a lateral line of the fly.”

I’ll try to hunt out some images of Micky’s. Meanwhile here are three that JQ provided. After the event I hope I’ll be able to add some photos of those tied on the night.

From JQ:

Hope you’ve all had a chance to read up or YouTube the fly to see what you’re in for. A definite staple fly to have if fishing in the tropics for pelagics, and I am confident in the right colour and size, natives, king fish and Aussie salmon down your way will be all over this!

Attached is our ingredients with the exception of jungle cock and I’ve just substituted it with some stick on eyes, but if you jungle cock it then use it.

And colours of saddle hackle and buck tail.. Go nuts! The photo below of materials is just what I had on my tying bench.

Hook size too – entirely up to you. Guys here are tying 4/0 plus. And a quality hook should reduce the chances of getting straightened. Native flies you might go as low as size 1.

The blue length is heat shrink, not for shrinking onto anything but it will be used for pushing the buck tail back on its self rather than trying to do it by hand. A reasonable size straw will do good too,- I just didn’t have any. It’s got to be large enough to go over the eye of the hook that’s all..

More info with links to YouTube are here.