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Fly Casting Final Day Sun 29 Sep

The event will follow the unveiling of Bryan’s plaque. Come for both.
The final Sunday of Fly Casting for the Public will also be held at Googong Dam (at the public barbecues near the boat ramp) from 10:00 to midday on Sunday 29 September. This will be an opportunity to help beginning casters get a line into the water and maybe catch a redfin. The sausage sizzle will be a celebration of the end of another very successful CAA event so bring your coins. The major raffle prize will be a Hawk fly fishing rod with a reel and line and another framed Trevor Hawkins trout fly fishing artwork will be exchanged for a two dollar raffle ticket – WHAT A BARGAIN!!! A NEW FLY ROD AND AN INSPIRATIONAL ART WORK!!!

Note that a NSW Fishing Licence is required for fishing at Googong.

DPI Finally call for Interest to Fill RFNSW

The Recreational Fishing NSW Ministerial Advisory Council has been moribund for most of this year. Recall its responsibilities including oversight of spending of licence fees.

Finally, DPI has put out a request for expressions of interest from recreational anglers to join this body. Steve Samuels has been our voice on this body and I’m hoping he’ll re-apply, but others should think about it too.

Expression of Interest site, including remuneration and selection criteria is here.

More about the regions that members each represent is here.

Applications close on 29 Sep.

Exciting News About Googong Trout

Received from Steve Samuels:

Dear Supporters

Those of you who have been trout fishing for a while may well remember the fantastic trout fishing that used to be on offer in Googong Dam just outside of Queanbeyan NSW, but with the masses of Redfin Perch in Googong the trout fishery has declined dramatically. Under the NSW Trout Strategy there will be an emphasis on stocking larger trout into redfin infected waters to try and re-create the good trout fishing of the past.

At 1pm today, Monday 22 July 2019, NSW Fisheries released adult trout into Googong Dam. Each of these fish is tagged with a unique eye tag that consists of one or two luminous bars behind the left eye (see attached photo).

In the future it is hoped that more substantial trout stockings will occur with yearling sized trout that will be able to out-swim the Redfin.

If you go to Googong and catch one of these tagged trout, please feel free to let me know so the information can be passed onto NSW Fisheries.

We all know that Googong is a first-class Murray Cod and Golden Perch fishery and it is hoped that bringing back trout will see more angling opportunities for recreational anglers.

I wish you luck

Steve Samuels


Monaro Acclimatisation Society Inc.

Have Your Say on Native Fish Stocking

Must be the time of year for public consultation.

DPI stock hundreds of thousands of Murray Cod, Australian Bass and Golden Perch.

They are seeking comments on the stocking plan for 2019/20 including advice on additional lakes that should be added to the list. You can read the survey promotion including the link at the DPI Facebook page (membership of Facebook not required).

The survey closes 9 Aug.

I’ve archived the survey on angling good practice. The draft is a bit bureaucratic with lots of statements of common sense. As you would expect a heavy emphasis on rock fishing. Nevertheless it isn’t that long to read and provides some good reminders, particularly if you are taking out beginners.

Survey closes 7 Aug.

Update – Calling all Budding Citizen Scientists

Further to the post below, our own entymologist Jaime has put in a bid on behalf of CAA in collaboration with CSIRO. He’ll have more advice soon on how it will progress.

National Waterbug Blitz & Mayfly Muster

Got this today from the National Waterbug Blitz. More information in the Introductory Factsheet

We would like to introduce you to National Waterbug Blitz, Australia’s first nationwide waterway monitoring event, funded by an Inspiring Australia grant. This Spring, Australians are encouraged to become ‘citizen scientists’ and investigate how healthy their local waterways and wetlands are, simply by exploring and identifying what aquatic macroinvertebrates they contain. The type and number of waterbugs found in a waterway can tell us a lot about how healthy that waterway is. We are running training sessions all over Australia from August to November, with recreational fishing groups, fly fishers, Landcare, Natural Resource Management agencies and schools – anyone can participate. Please see attached Information Sheet and visit our website for video tutorials to see what’s involved.

To identify and record waterbugs, the Waterbug App has been specifically designed for this project. It’s a great, easy to use tool and replaces traditional data sheets in the field. It’s free to download, and you can choose to do a detailed Waterbug Survey or a quick Mayfly Muster. See more here about the app.

If you haven’t got the time to do a full Waterbug Survey (takes about half a day), consider just looking for mayflies as part of the Mayfly Muster. Mayflies tend to “opt out” when water quality and habitat conditions in a river become degraded (mainly around towns and cities). By finding the spot where the mayflies stop we can establish which parts of a river need our help the most. If you are a fly fishing enthusiast, you can also use the Mayfly Muster to record when mayflies are emerging, and in areas where other people use the app you can check on old data to see when “the hatch” is most likely.

If you would like more information about training sessions, please email or call us on 0421 769 336. EOIs for sessions for this Spring are open till 12th July.

Kind regards


Subscribe to monthly E-news here

Tel: 0421 769 336

The National Waterbug Blitz Team



The National Waterbug Blitz Project is a collaboration between The Waterbug Company, Federation University Australia’s Centre for e-Research & Digital Innovation, along with Waterwatch Victoria, The Code Sharman, EnviroComm Connections Pty Ltd and NSW Waterwatch, and is funded through a Citizen Science Grant from the Australian Government’s Inspiring Australia program.

Comments Sought on Angling Good Practice

The draft activity good practice guide for Angling has just been released for public comment. Members of the outdoors community can have their say about this activity good practice guide by visiting

The draft good practice guide is available to download or readable online via the yoursay website. Feedback submissions can be lodged via the websites submission forms. These include ‘general impressions’, as well the opportunity to provide detailed and ‘specific feedback’ on any piece of content or section.

Feedback submissions for Angling will close on 7 Aug.

Have your say by:

• Getting involved in the public consultation and download the Angling draft GPG at

• Providing feedback on the Angling draft at
To find out more about the Australian Adventure Activity Standard and Good Practice Guides visit

Their privacy policy is available at

More on the Local Macquarie Perch Recovery Effort

In the July Burley Line Peter provided some notes on the recent workshop he and Roger attended. There are now some additional notes from the Rivers of Carbon organisation (including more science says Peter). Lots of photos of the good work being done in respect to habitat as well as the workshop itself. They even got a few snaps of Peter 🙂

The article provides links to even more information on the recovery program.

Closing Roads in Lower Cotter Catchment

Some of may have spotted an article in the Canberra Times.

“At the moment there’s two dead ends in the southern part of the catchment that have been hot spots for anti-social activity,” Mr Daines said. “This will just move them back to the main road. It won’t limit people’s access to the catchment.”

We can relax. Enquiries through Access Canberra provided a reassuring response from Nick Daines, Manager, Lower Cotter Catchment

When we were planning the changes, we wanted to make sure people could still access Vanity’s Crossing …keeping the general public on side, especially recreational fishers, is important to us.

The gate I was referring to in the article is on the eastern side of the crossing (which we find people don’t park at very often as it is already a long walk to get to the crossing). So that gate will move around 1km up the road to the intersection of Pipeline Road. However, the gate on the western side, which most people park at as its only a few hundred metres walk to Vanity’s Crossing, will remain where it is. So still plenty of access for fishing.

Citizen Science Supporting the Trout Strategy

Further to our recent post on trials of larger trout being stocked. I’ve received the following advice from DPI:

DPI Fisheries is releasing larger Rainbow Trout into selected waters to combat the negative effects of Redfin predation. We are requesting all information from recaptured tagged fish to be submitted via our online recapture form at This information helps determine growth rates and the sufficient size class capable of avoiding Redfin predation.

Here is a flyer with more information including the reward.

To see a full list of stocking sites in NSW, our interactive map can be accessed at:

Simply click on any of the green (River) or red (Impoundment) icons and the historical stocking data for each species will be displayed on a graph.

The waters where the tagged trout have been released are currently:

Khancoban Pondage
Oberon Dam
Lake Wallace (Wallerawang not Nimmitabel)
Lake Lyell
Carcoar Dam
Fish River
Duckmaloi River

Anglers Art has Closed

If you didn’t get there before now to catch a bargain, sorry you’ve missed the boat. Anglers Art is now officially closed.

CAA has had a long relationship with the late Dr Bryan Pratt not least due to his being a long term President and CAA Life Member but also the shop’s support to the club. We will miss their connection to CAA.

We wish Doris well for the future.