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Silent Auction – Fishing Gear Storage Shelf – Update

An anonymous donor has crafted this impressive item and donated it to CAA as a fundraiser. NEW BONUSto start the fitting out (for real use or just for decoration) there will be a very pretty traditional wooden landing net included.

Store your favourite fishing and tying equipment in your study or garage. Stores up to four rod tubes. MDF construction ready for undercoating and painting to the colour that matches your décor. If you want to varnish the cabinet you will need to do a little sanding.

  • Biscuit and glue construction -> no nails or screws.
  • French cleat mounting bracket -> screw the bracket to the wall and then ‘simply’ lift and hang the cabinet.


  • 700 mm x 300 mm x 900 mm (w) x (d) x (h)
  • Shelf heights: 155 mm, 160 mm, 125 mm, 195 mm
  • Rod tube storage diameter = 80 mm

Email your bids to Burley Line Editor see our home page, or come to the AGM on 8 Aug to see it ‘live’ and join the silent auction.

(Note that Lyall has populated the shelf with angling items for demonstration purposes and aren’t part if the auction 😁)

Fly Fish Australia Fundraiser

The 2018 Commonwealth Team will be holding two fundraising events 3-5 August. One in the Snowy mountains and one in Tasmania. For further information and to secure your spot please contact

Survey on Environmental Flows in ACT

My ever vigilant wife spotted a fish related matter in the Chronicle. The ACT Govt is looking for community consultation on environmental flows. Clearly they have an impact on fish habitat but have to be balanced with other needs. I seem to recall our last water drama was partly caused by misjudged releases.

Have your say at

You might care to copy any comments you have to the Secretary in case CAA puts together a club submission.

RecFish Alliance (NSW) June Newsletter

This has just arrived and can be viewed here.

Apart from repeating some items from the CFA newsletter there were only a couple items of keen interest to me:

Alvey Reels to stay in production after all

New Crown land management laws from July – not sure what the consequences of this are but it seems the state government have delegated management to local councils. I wonder if visibility and anglers’ voice will be impeded. More examination by a Burley Line cub reporter is needed, though the article does say:

A Community Engagement Strategy, which outlines requirements for engagement on key Crown land dealings such as licences, leases and sales, will also start on July 1.

“Communities throughout NSW will have the opportunity to be more involved in decisions on how Crown land is managed,” Mr Toole said.

NSW Council of Freshwater Angling June Newsletter

Arrived too late for Jun Burley Line but is available here.

One interesting item from Gaden Hatchery Tri-Annual report: “5,000 heat treated larger fingerlings” (rainbows) “were available and released into Googong Dam for potential increased survival rate with redfin.

The newsletter has two topical articles on the National Carp Control Program and the recent proposed legislation to protect brumbies in the Kosciuszko National Park.

Photograph by members of Monaro Acclimatisation Society show the bottom photo shows stream bank damage and siltation in Mosquito Creek

DPI Website Angler access including fishing access mapping

As advised by CFA:
The DPI Angler Access website is still a draft site but available for viewing at: . The site provides information on public access points to various NSW waterways and fish in seven groupings:

  • Fishing dams in NSW
  • Rivers and creeks available for fishing
  • Dams to fish for trout
  • Streams to fish for trout
  • Rivers you can fish all year
  • Small dams to fish for yabbies
  • Stocking sites

The site contains maps and details of hundreds of sites with the intention of reaching 2500 sites before full release the site.
There are also several menu links along the top of the home page which provide further information. The Survey link allows you to give feedback via a survey. The ‘About>Contact Us’ link allows you to provide other specific comments about using the site or anomalies/errors.
The website development has stalled at the moment but the project is being funded by NSW Fishing Fees and the RFNSW continues to be active in driving the project to completion.
A password is required and this will be disseminated to CAA members by the Burley Line editor on request. Go to our Website for the link to setup the email