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2019 World Fly Fishing Championship

If you haven’t been checking out the competition, you wouldn’t be aware of some of the wild weather they’ve been having in Tasmania. Our jet-setting Secretary has reported in:

Snow, hail and 100 km winds – great if you only want to cast in one direction and like surfing down the face of waves on Little Pine Lagoon in a boat !!!

There is a group of volunteers on the highland lakes, another on the lower rivers and another, including me, based here in Launceston. Launceston is having the best weather so I count myself lucky.

To see the reporting check out:

We’re hoping Lyall can provide a short article for the next issue of Burley Line.

Progress of the development of the National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) – Final comments due 12th December

Three new issues paper and two new reports are now available for review and comment. Please login or register at to access these papers.

The NCCP “have your say” website will close on December 12. All comments will be provided to the Australian Government as part of their assessment of the next steps for the NCCP. Remaining NCCP research projects will be published on the NCCP website ( during December.

Issues Paper – Non-target species susceptibility testing and host-switching risk in carp biocontrol. 

This paper summarises the work around determining if the carp virus is species specific.


Issues Paper – Water quality and carp biocontrol using Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3). 

This NCCP issues paper explains research into the impacts of carp deaths on water quality.


Issues Paper – Managing water quality impacts by carcass management. 

This NCCP issues paper outlines the approach to managing dead carp to mitigate impacts on water quality. 


Report – Water quality risk assessment of carp biocontrol for Australian waterways. 

This work undertaken by the University of Adelaide Environment Institute assessed what would happen to water quality if there was a surge in the number of dead carp in inland waterways.


Report – Synergistic genetic biocontrol options for common carp.

This research reviewed genetic biocontrol options for carp in Australia that could possibly be used in co-ordination with other biocontrol methods such as the carp virus. This research was conducted by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland

Waterbug Blitz – further update

Stop Press, just in from Jaime:

And little bit more info and good news I just got from the Upper Murrumbidge Water Watch:
They will help us to go up to Vanity’s Crossing to get a sample there, which makes this event much more interesting for us because those waters up there are of a real interest for us… so don’t miss it 😉
don’t forget, Jaime is taking us (along with Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch) to do some waterbug surveying plus training in identifying them … all going to a measure of the health of our waters, and I believe some of our fish actually eat them.

1000 on Sat 16 Nov at the picnic/playground at the foot of Cotter Dam. More details was emailed to members.

Jaime has also reminded me of the photo competition being run:

Enter your photos of waterbugs and workshop locations for a chance to win an Olympus Tough TG6 camera valued at over $650. Take your photos within the promotion period from 1st September to 16 November 2019. See full details in the following link Waterbug Photo Competition

Surveys Into Recreational Angling

Seems there are two currently being conducted and these, amongst other things, will provide evidence of the economic benefits and value of recreational angling. I’d suggest everyone consider participating.

With the first one, randomly selected NSW Licence holders will be asked to undertake the survey … it could be you!

The second is being conducted by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. An Australia wide statutory body.

Read more about both of these in the October issue of the NSW RFA newsletter.

Fly Casting Final Day Sun 29 Sep

The event will follow the unveiling of Bryan’s plaque. Come for both.
The final Sunday of Fly Casting for the Public will also be held at Googong Dam (at the public barbecues near the boat ramp) from 10:00 to midday on Sunday 29 September. This will be an opportunity to help beginning casters get a line into the water and maybe catch a redfin. The sausage sizzle will be a celebration of the end of another very successful CAA event so bring your coins. The major raffle prize will be a Hawk fly fishing rod with a reel and line and another framed Trevor Hawkins trout fly fishing artwork will be exchanged for a two dollar raffle ticket – WHAT A BARGAIN!!! A NEW FLY ROD AND AN INSPIRATIONAL ART WORK!!!

Note that a NSW Fishing Licence is required for fishing at Googong.