Fly Tying 28 Oct – Droz Nymph

(Photo is a close, not exact representation – thinner ribbing)


·         Hook: Jig, #14

·         Bead: Black, Copper, ~2.5-3 mm*

·         Body: Squirrel fur – grey/natural (alternate: Hares Ear..but spikey)

·         Tail: Partridge*  

·         Ribbing: Glo-Brite #1 (pink) thread (alternate: other flouro thread)

·         Thorax: #46 or #45 Hends spectra peacock dubbing (alternate: peacock herl)

·         Collar: Partridge and CDC (alternate: one of them)

* Alternate: anything you have

You Tube ReferenceMartin Droz binder nymfe hos Drammens Sportsfiskere

Nathan Walker gave a great talk at our last meeting about fishing the Eucumbene River. His tactics and recommended flies can be used anywhere in our region.

We will be tying one of Nathan’s favourite flies ->  the ‘Droz nymph’. Claude will be running the tying session. Please join us for the tie, even if you don’t have all the exact materials.

Drop in to see Nathan or Nick at the Compleat Angler for materials or any of your other fishing needs.

Petition to see KNP Feral Horse Management Plan Released

Unfortunately only open to NSW residents.

If you follow the link below you will find a petition regarding the release of a feral horse management plan for Kosciuszko National Park. Could you please fill it in and send the link to all your networks and encourage them to fill it in as well.

I understand KNP is currently managing under decade old plan. Much work has been undertaken to develop a new plan but there has been a lack of transparency.

Please sign on:

Coming Events

Next Meeting

Wed 11th Nov. Meeting details to be advised.

Next Activities

Fri 20th-Sun 22nd Nov. Chasing Bass at Brogo Dam. Jason will prepare details soon.

Wed 28th Oct. Fly Tying via Zoom starting 7:30. Droz Nymph. Details via email

CAA 75th Anniversary Gathering

Bookings closed

75 years ago a gathering at the Kingston Hotel was called to determine interest in forming our 1great club. We are ‘re-enacting’ this event on Thu 15 Oct 2020 to celebrate 75 years of connecting anglers here in the region.

With COVID restrictions on numbers, the organisers are calling for registration. For those who have already received the invitation via email from Lyall, please register using the procedure described there. For those of you not in receipt of the email, you can register your interest using the form below – please wait for confirmation from the organisers before putting it into your calendar … as we said, spaces are constrained and not everyone will be able to attend.

October 2020 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 160)

The front cover this month is reproduced from the 1950’s version of CAA Newsletter – a special treat given it is our 75th birthday.

This month Burley Line is dominated by images from our annual free Fly Casting Days for the Public.  A pleasing turnout was achieved given some shocking weather and the threat of COVID.  Everyone conducted themselves in a COVIDSafe fashion and still managed to learn much from our in-house instructors, Mark, Nathan and Lyall plus some valued guests in the form of Peter Morse and Nick Taransky.  All the photos submitted to Burley Line (many thanks John and Andrew) are up on the web in an archive folder, protected by a password. CAA members and participants, can contact the editor if you’d like to browse on-line.

Remaining articles this month come courtesy of our two Jasons – many thanks guys … I can trust you to provide contributions.  A combination of fishing in warm places, information on native fish stocking opportunity and more reel maintenance (with an appropriate happy ending).

With my other hat on … members are reminded that CAA fees are due from the AGM (ie last month), a number of our long-term members have yet to renew – please do so.  Our ‘Join Us’ page has downloadable or on-line web forms to amend any contact information.  It has all the information on how to do funds transfer … note that we have a new account number.