Monaro Acclimatisation Society Press Release – Snowy Hydro 2.0 Latest News

Steve Samuels has released the following press release. It comes upon a major milestone in the Snowy Hydro 2.0 project, in particular for us the “Recreational Fishing Offset”. As Steve said: “The Snowy Hydro 2.0 Assessment Report was released today.  This report outlines what steps Snowy Hydro must take to get final approval for the 2.0 Project.  As you will be aware the Monaro Acclimatisation Society has been negotiating with Snowy Hydro for the past three years to gain a recreational fishing offset in the form of a grow-out facility where we could grow trout for stocking to a larger size which will be able to resist predation from redfin.  Our work with Snowy Hydro saw this concept placed in the Environmental Impact Statement.  The Assessment report released today states that Snowy Hydro is to commit $5 million to this project.  While it will be sad if redfin do get into Tantangara and beyond, the MAS has worked hard to ensure that we can maintain a viable trout fishery in the face of redfin invasion.”

(Apologies for temporarily posting an earlier press release. I jumped the gun and uploaded before it was fully finalised. As it happens, the Assessment Report release meant the release needed to be reshaped. Cheers, Bill)

A Very Newsy Newsletter from the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers

Alistair McBurnie

Peter Gibson has outdone himself with lots of news – so much that I can’t possibly leave it until the next CAA Burley Line newsletter.

Hot topics covered are:

  • NSW Trout Strategy Annual Report Cards – we’ve been waiting for these to be published and Peter has found them hidden away in the DPI website
  • Environment Minister Kean’s response to the Platypus and Turtle Alliance – NSW moves closer to banning completely ‘opera house’ yabby nets. This is an action that CFA have been lobbying for over the past few years.
  • Feral horse hospitalises teenager camping in Kosciuszko National Park – watch out if you plan to camp at Blue Waterholes once the restrictions are lifted.
  • NPWS’s plans for horse management in fire-affected Park – a limited effort here. Meanwhile, did you see the Victorian Supreme Court judgement countering claims of heritage status of brumbies in Victorian high country? Read it here
  • Snowy 2.0 threat to rivers and fish – never let it be said that CFA ignores news critical of Snowy Hydro 2.0
  • NSW CFA 16 May general meeting report – CFA had a ordinary general meeting via Zoom on Sat 16 May. As Assistant Secretary, I’ve only just completed the draft minutes and Peter has them up on the web 🙂
  • Reminder: Dollar For Dollar Native Fish Stocking Program is back – CAA had a bid in last year which of course was impacted by the COVID.

You can get it here. CAA is an affiliated member of NSW CFA. Members might consider whether to personally become a ‘Foundation Member’ to help fund this cause. Information at the bottom of the newsletter.

COVID19 – Can I Fish The Snowy Mountains?

Good friend of CAA and newsletter editor/Facebook admin for Canberra Fishermans Club, Anthony, has provided a short article for the next CAA newsletter about a trip up to the Eucumbene – watch for it soon. This trip was with well known angler Steve Dunn who has helpfully set out his understanding of the current rules for such travel in his blog:
Key point is to drive straight to and from your fishing spots without stopping along the way. Steve emphasised that the rules are always changing and that anglers should double check them before they go out fishing.

Survey on the Value to the Community of Angling

This survey, conducted by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences and the University of Canberra, seeks to get a modern picture of the value of angling. The last one was done 20 years ago and remains our only objective examination to hold up to government on why angling should be supported.

Response across Australia has been strong, with the sole exception of the ACT. It is important that our contribution is included so go for it.

Please complete the survey as soon as possible (it closes 22 May). There are even lucky ‘door’ prizes each week.

May2020 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 155)

I thought this was going to be a thin edition given the COVID shutdown but … many thanks to Luke M for his cartoon, Lyall, Claude, BJ and Steve Samuels for their contributions but especial appreciation (and envy) goes out to our Cairns chapter of CAA with Jason Q giving us a comprehensive rundown on life up there.  Everyone who reads it will be beating a track, when the Queensland authorities open the border!

Protest Against Rafting in 2 NZ Southland Rivers

I’m withdrawing this post. A local guide whose judgment I respect has advised that local fishing guides are seeking to defuse this situation and negotiate with the operator.

For those of you who fish New Zealand Southland. I had thought a proposal to permit rafting on the Mataura and Oreti had been ditched but it seems not. Barry Perkins, a local guide many in CAA used, has confirmed it is still going ahead.

There is a group of anglers seeking to raise money to challenge the decision. The article below suggests the funding appeal had closed but it hasn’t and I just donated

You can donate here:

I thought the segments being approved for rafting didn’t impact on me but then I realised one of my favourite spots is in one of the routes.

Coming Events

Next Meeting:

Wed 10th Jun. Normal time of 7:30 via Zoom. Speaker details to be confirmed via email.

Next Events:

No outdoor events currently scheduled during the COVID19 crisis

Wed 27th May. Fly tying. Normal time of 7:30 via Zoom. We will be tying the Claret Carrot with Evan of More details by email.

Controllers of the Use our NSW “Fishing Licence” Fees

In amongst all this COVID slowdown, there has been a recent announcement by NSW DPI that might have slipped under the radar. The make up of the new Recreational Fishing Freshwater Trust Expenditure Committee (RFFTEC) has been revealed. Apologies for my freshwater focus, the saltwater equivalent (RFSTEC) has probably changed too. These are the forums that examine bids for use of the money coming from our NSW “Fishing Licence” fees. They are subordinate to the Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council (RFNSW) which has a direct advisory role to the Minister for Primary Industry on fishing matters.

As part of the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers, CAA had a voice in RFNSW and RFFTEC via our good friend Steve Samuels (Pres MAS and Vice President in NSWCFA for our region) and in RFFTEC by Peter Gibson (NSW CFA non-executive Committee Member). Both of these folk were members of those bodies as individuals in their own right, but could be counted on to act as a conduit to ensure a connection to recreational anglers especially those affiliated to CFA.

While Steve remains on RFNSW, he no longer acts as the RFNSW representative on RFFTEC. Also, Peter Gibson is no longer on RFFTEC. This is a bit disappointing as they are both excellent representatives.

The current “NSW recreational fishing organisation representative” is a Mr Peter Johnson of NSW Rod Fishers’ Society. While NSW Rod Fishers’ are affiliated to NSWCFA, Mr Johnson is not currently their delegate and not on the NSWCFA committee. We look forward to seeing NSWCFA engage with Mr Johnson to continue the connection with RFFTEC.