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Next Meeting

Wed 14th December 2022. Final meeting for year as always as a bbq by LBG. 6PM at Beijing Gardens, Lotus Bay.

Next Activities

Postponed, date TBA – Lyle Knowles Trophy competition (trout) – Updated arrangements to be advised.

11-13 Nov – Brogo with Stefan – cancelled.

2-4 Dec – Saltwater Event (recall this the only opportunity to win the Saltwater Trophy. Contact John to reserve a spot in the cottage.

Understanding the National Carp Control Plan

Anthony Heiser of Canberra Fishos has produced a very readable explanation of the content of the NCCP. Anthony has been following the developments closely over many years and this paper is only the latest he has developed on the topic. Read it here.

Recall that the NCCP is currently with state and Federal Environment Ministers for a decision on future action. The NCCP identifies further studies that are needed before release of the virus.

Snowy Trout Challenge 2022-23

This competition runs from Oct to Apr. Catch a specially tagged trout, report it and go into the fortnightly chance for a $1,000 prize.

All the info is here. In particular the concept is clearly explained on this page.

Even if you don’t participate, keep an eye out for the tagged trout.

Lost Fishing Gear and Pollution

Got this important message from Jaime:

Just saw this article about fishing gear that ends up lost and contaminating. The research was done by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, and the University of Tasmania. I think it’s good we increase awareness on this issue so we stay motivated to do our part minimising contamination (hope all in the club use any of the different options/tools to dispose tippet material in a more rational way (mono and fluorocarbon, etc).

Try this link below, it’s a nice summary of the original article.


Fly Tying 23 Nov 2022 – Saltwater Pink Thing

Lyall has advised:

In preparation for John’s Saltwater event on 2-4 December we will be tying a version of the Pink Thing saltwater fly.  It is one of the most popular flies for use in our region.  Of course Clousers and Scuds are right up there also depending on what you are targeting. 

Our tie on 23 November from 7:30 on Zoom will be fairly free form – meaning use whatever materials you have which approximate the materials list below.

I will be using:

Hook – Mustad #1 wide gape C47SD.  Any straight eye, wide gape saltwater hook in the size your target fish might take will suffice.

Eye – dumbbell eyes.  Any size or colour you think might work.

Thread – white Uni 6/0 thread.  Go wild and use pink thread, even fluoro if you wish but make it relatively thick and robust.

Body – white Schlappen or any white chicken feather 8 cm or so long.  White Grizzley Hackle as a lateral line.  Pink or pearl flash.

Collar – pink Schlappen

We will talk about the RIO fly line you might like to use to cast a wind resistant fly and the wind-beater casting technique you may wish to use.

Join us to tie or just to watch

Here is Lyall’s production and BJ’s “black shadow” variant. Lots of pro tips from Lyall and his guest Paul.

A Simple/Fast Mayfly

Claude is tying up flies ready for a NZ trip and has chanced on this tie. I’m not sure if it will supplant the classic parachute Adams as one comment stated, but for sure much easier to tie.


Omitting feathers for wings makes things simpler. Lyall offered some advice “Don’t forget that Mayflys can also be brown and it might be good to have a couple with bright coloured posts.” Different light coloured posts will assist visibility in different lighting conditions.

Most material is easily identified, but the wing/post is poly yarn.

Happy tying.

The Native Fish Forum.

Peter passed this onto me. More information here.

A quick reminder to register for the Native Fish Forum.

We have a jam-packed event including:

  • Keynotes from Ivor Stuart, Mark Lintermans and Nick Whiterod
  • Recovery Reach updates from the Upper Condamine, Lower Darling-Baaka, Mid-Murray Floodplain and Upper Murrumbidgee
  • Presentations covering the latest science, fish-friendly water management practices, First Nations perspectives, views on fish recovery from around the Basin and more…
  • Plus the chance to connect with like-minded people about native fish recovery.

When? 6-8 December 2022
Where? Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
How much? $240 per ticket