CAA Native Fish Scoring – Update

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You will recall that we use a calculator to determine the relative merits of Native freshwater fish for our Natives trophy – the argument being that different species are inherently different in length and so Murray Cod would potentially win the trophy every time.  The calculator basically gives a score between 1% for a fish that is exactly legal size and 100% for a fish that matches the ANSA record for that species.

Of course, new records are made all the time, indeed a new record was set for Murray Cod during 2017-18 – accordingly our calculator is periodically updated.  The 2018-19 Calculator is now in our “Club Process” section and can be reached directly here

Cooking – Smoked Trout and Horseradish Spread with Dill and Sage

Lyall has provided this recipe – I presume he is not talking about fly tackle when we uses the term ‘Sage’, though he can’t help himself but to slip the logo in :).  Some introductory notes to entice you to read further are below, full recipe here; Smoked_Trout_Horseradish_Dip_with_Dill_and_Sage

This is another version of smoked trout dip taken from 101 Trout Recipes.  The wasabi-style horseradish should be added teaspoon by teaspoon so that smoke does not come out of your ears after you have added too much!!!  You may wish to add powdered Cajun seasoning to complement the horseradish zing.


Fly Tying 22 Aug 2018

Flytying will be run by Shaun with his Crustacean Bugger – now known to be effective both locally and in Italy! Normal time of 7:30PM at Raiders Weston Club.

According to Lyall it looks like a trout slayer to and would be perfect for taking on the fat trout a few of us have been catching at Lake Eucumbene over the yabby beds recently. The materials list is below and Shaun’s full tying instructions will be available in hard copy at fly tying on Wednesday so BE THERE!!!

Shaun’s Crustacean Bugger

Silent Auction – Fishing Gear Storage Shelf – Update

An anonymous donor has crafted this impressive item and donated it to CAA as a fundraiser. NEW BONUSto start the fitting out (for real use or just for decoration) there will be a very pretty traditional wooden landing net included.

Store your favourite fishing and tying equipment in your study or garage. Stores up to four rod tubes. MDF construction ready for undercoating and painting to the colour that matches your décor. If you want to varnish the cabinet you will need to do a little sanding.

  • Biscuit and glue construction -> no nails or screws.
  • French cleat mounting bracket -> screw the bracket to the wall and then ‘simply’ lift and hang the cabinet.


  • 700 mm x 300 mm x 900 mm (w) x (d) x (h)
  • Shelf heights: 155 mm, 160 mm, 125 mm, 195 mm
  • Rod tube storage diameter = 80 mm

Email your bids to Burley Line Editor see our home page, or come to the AGM on 8 Aug to see it ‘live’ and join the silent auction.

(Note that Lyall has populated the shelf with angling items for demonstration purposes and aren’t part if the auction 😁)

Fly Fish Australia Fundraiser

The 2018 Commonwealth Team will be holding two fundraising events 3-5 August. One in the Snowy mountains and one in Tasmania. For further information and to secure your spot please contact

Aug 2018 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 135)

This issue comes out just in time for our AGM.  Don’t be frightened that you’ll be shanghaied into a job if you turn up – lots of work would have been done to ensure there are people willing to sign up to be on the executive.  That said, becoming a part of that team is a great way to help shape CAA to provide what you believe is important for a club.  If you want to make a difference, come along and put your hand up.

Was refreshing to see how many showed up for the casting instruction at Uriarra Crossing. Many thanks to John and Lyall for the photos – here’s hoping that others in the club could follow suit rather than leaving it to the ‘usual suspects’.

Thanks for those who provided material for this issue—a bit thinner than recently, but perhaps a measure of conditions out on the water – check out Phil’s beauty at the end of the issue.