CAA and Zoom Internet Video Conferencing

CAA have had one meeting (complete with Powerpoint slides and movies) and two fly tying instructions (thanks Evan for instructing and Lyall for the technology). Zoom has proven very useful, high quality and easy to use.

There has been some bad press about this application, but members should rest assured that much of this is overblown sensationalism. A recent review puts the matter into a more balanced perspective.

I’ve updated my ‘Beginner’s Guide’ but also we’ve discovered that a microphone or camera are not actually required for people who just want to join, watch and listen.

Why not give it a go and stay connected to the club while we wait out this virus.

CAA Virtual Fly Tying Wed 22 April 2020 – Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph

Our last virtual fly tying night with Evan from Create-A-Fly was so successful that we asked him to host it again on Wednesday 22 April … and he kindly agreed.Evan tied the Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymph which is one of the flies in the Fly Fishers International Bronze Fly Tying Award

The required materials are listed below:

  • Hook: #10 1X Long Nymph hook, 1xL

  • Weight: 10-15 turns of non-lead wire

  • Thread: 8/0 Black Uni-Thread or equivalent

  • Tail: Guard hairs from hare’s mask

  • Rib: Gold oval tinsel over abdomen

  • Abdomen: Blended lighter tan hair from the hare’s mask (or Hairline Dubbing # 4, Hare’s Ear – or equivalent)

  • Wing Case: Mottled turkey tail feather over thorax

  • Thorax: Blended darker brown hairs from the hare’s mask (or Hairline Dubbing #5, Dark Hare’s Ear or equivalent

NSW – Travelling to fish isn’t on

Fishing might be an approved activity in NSW but NSW Police have issued a warning about travelling distances to go fishing.

The situation whether fishing is an acceptable outdoor activity in the ACT is not clear … one member, rod in hand, has already been warned to get out of a Canberra park. We’ll keep you updated as we pursue the matter with local MLA Tara Cheyne.

The firm direction from NSW Police is here.

April 2020 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 154)

Well, what a situation we find ourselves in now.  Restrictions on gatherings have impacted on our program, while many of our members have either found themselves in: self-isolation due to international travel (our thoughts go out to Ian and Stuart … anyone else?) and now being asked to keep travel away from home to essential.  Not clear if going fishing would fit within the rules.  As a consequence, this issue is quite light on with club news with wrapping up from events from ‘before the virus really hit’ and a report on our first toe in the water of virtual connection.  My aim with Burley Line will be continue each month as a means of staying connected in this new, socially isolated world.  Any contributions or suggestions for topics will be appreciated.

Our next big innovation is shaping up to be our first effort at conducting a CAA meeting, complete with slide show, over Internet video conferencing.  This proved quite successful at our test run with fly tying last month.  The technology is relatively simple so please give it a try – one hint, keep your microphone muted unless you are actually talking to the meeting; background noise can be quite disruptive to the audience

CAA is Moving Towards Virtual

After a successful Internet video meeting for the last fly tying – thanks Claude, Evan, Lyall and others in the background – CAA is considering using this technology for meetings given the pressure to reduce social contact (plus Raiders are shut). The next Burley Line (imminent) will have a short article.

The package we used is called Zoom (becoming very popular now), though we have a continuing interest in one called jitsi (Google the term ‘jitsi meet’).

To help novices, I’ve prepared a small how-to Beginner’s Guide to Zoom. This will show you how to prepare your computer and some basic instructions on how to participate. Limited personalised assistance can also be provided. All you need is a camera and microphone on your computer. Never fear, no need to sign up and give away personal information.

KNP Roads Update

I got a report from a friend who travelled the Alpine Way between Thredbo and Khancoban on Mon 16 Mar. It is open with only a small number of areas under maintenance including a short stretch near Khancoban of one way. (Drivers are cautioned to check Live Traffic NSW.) Good news was that rest areas and camping sites are all open and in the middle of unburnt areas.

There appears to be little change to ongoing closures but I haven’t had any observations from travellers:

  • All areas north of the Snowy Valley Highway including Tantangara Road. ie Tantangara Dam and the Murrumbidgee headwaters.
  • Cabramurra township and the Khancoban-Cabramurra Road.

The authoritative source is the NPWS website or else contact the NPWS offices.