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101 Places to Visit and Fish

A bit About the River They call Skagit

Our jetsetting Secretary has achieved another first.  His recent love affair with two handed rods led him to explore the Skagit River.  Lyall is sure other Australians have been there, it is just that he doesn’t know any of them!

Lyall has suggested that anyone intrigued by this whole two handed caper ask Peter Morse for a try of his during the 3 Sep casting days.

Another place on my bucket list.


“Twigwater” in the Snowies

Some time ago, Lyall tried to introduce a mate from SE Queensland (and shared saltwater fishing trips) to the joys of chasing trout in the Snowies.  In particular the aim was to pursue our spotted friends in the skinny water so different to the broad acres of water that they had shared chasing sailfish off Malaysia.  Weather stepped in and they were blown off the water.  This is the report from his mate describing the more successful second trip conducted recently.


The author is Jason Stratford and he’s published a number of fascinating videos on Vimeo. In particular take a close look at the dude in maritime camo gear in the 2015 Rompin sailfish video!!

Eucumbene River Spawning Run

It was autumn 2016 and Nathan, with his CCI under his belt and tuck cast well and truly mastered, was after a double digit fish.  You’ll have to click the link below and read the article to learn whether he did or not.

Suffice to say, this article is exciting stuff with lots of good tips on how to go about it – avoiding the shoulder to shoulder crowds we’ve been seeing.


Burrill Lake – Location Report

Burrill Lake is just south of Ulladulla, and has lots of fishing options nearby. In the immediate vicinity is the lake itself, with some access on the East of the highway to the beach. Ulladulla is just north to access coastal fishing for those with larger boats. Durras and some other options are not too far away for other alternatives.

Our March 2016 outing stayed at the Big4 Bungalow Park in cottages (several members having access to special discounts) which offered comfortable accommodation (no bunks in our case) and private access to boat ramp and some section of lake shore.  There’s even a 24 hour bait dispensing machine!

Ray A undertook a recce for the March event and provided some notes.  Burrill Lake – CAA article