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Fly Tying – 24 Jul 2024

John is the lead. His guidance is:

The recipe for the saltwater popper – aka BNB (Bass N Brim) popper follows:
Nook: Tiemco TMC8089 #2-10
Thread: Danville Flat Waxed Nylon
Tail: Slinky Fibres
Legs: Sili-legs over a ball of Hareline UV Dubbing
Body: 10mm crystal chenille with 2mm two tone foam cut with a Chernobyl Ant cutter
Indicator: 2mm Two tone foam, vibrant colour to suit.

This fly was designed by Brett Clarke who founded BWC Flies in 2012 and was featured in FlyLife, Number 81, Spring 2015

Zoom invite will be sent via email.

Coming Events

Next Meeting

14 Aug – 7:30 at Raiders Weston.  Our Annual General Meeting – come along to receive updates on finances and next year’s program. All Office Bearers will face election – nominate if you’d like to help shape the club.

Next Activities

24 Jul– Fly tying by Zoom. Saltwater Popper led by John. Zoom invite and instructions will be sent via email and blog.

16 – 18 Aug– BJ is taking us to Bondi Forest Lodge – a comfortable cabin near Bombala with a stocked lake. Hopefully we will conduct the 120 minute fly tying/fish catching challenge. Contact BJ to register – we have some already signed up, but there is plenty of room.

July 2024 Burley Line (Issue 202)

The streams are closed and our formal program has ended.  Already we are starting to look towards the AGM (thinking about joining the committee or council? – you’ll be most welcome), the ever enjoyable Bondi Forest trip (no smoking fireplace nowadays) and Casting for the Public – how quickly a season goes.

This issue is dominated by photos – this will bring a smile to one of our members who embraces the visual aspects of the newsletter.  Some excellent late season rainbows, overseas travel and images from our distant, northern, chapter – but gazumped for the photo of the month by Ryan’s stonker.

I’ve also made some changes to our fly tying information base – hopefully making it easier to use as a resource to inspire those fur and feathers folk.

Fly Tying Posts – Index and Searching

For those using our fly tying posts for ideas, I’ve started adding search keywords to the posts and have updated our fly index to explain how to use the index and the blog search function. Thanks Lachy for encouraging this change.

Flies are currently labelled with keywords to effectively create categories labelled wetfly, streamerfly, dryfly, emergerfly and nymphfly (have I missed something?). A fly pattern can have multiple keywords.

Amending all the posts is a work in progress 😀

National Carp Control Plan

I got an email from a Canberra fishing acquaintance.

I viewed a Webinar back at the beginning of May titled ‘Webinar: the next phase for carp biocontrol’.

Not sure if you have viewed it, but thought I’d pass it on given the ongoing interest from NSWCFA et al re carp control.

Link to site where Webinar is accessible:

I note that identified priority actions include further research work to determine the susceptibility of non target species including Rainbow Trout, along with native species, and species in marine environments.



Truite Au Bleu

Hey Bill

I told you of the blue trout, I had always wanted to cook a fresh caught at Tumut.

Well I had made a “court bouillon” in preparation and took it with me to Tumut, or more correctly Meg had made it for me, but I did not plan the execution too well (no fish to cook while camping) and brought it back so…….

I just went to the markets and for $8.50 bought a trout (albeit dead ☹ ) and had it cooked for lunch. The taste even then was spectacular and makes me want to do it streamside even more sometime,

The following is a translation from a French wiki entry, and refers to the same process but with slight variance, uses wine and such

“Blue trout refers to a culinary preparation of trout drizzled with hot red wine or vinegar, then cooked in a court-bouillon composed of red wine or vinegar, onions, salt, lemon. The recipe is cited as early as the 17th century by Nicolas de Bonnefons, in Délices de la campagne [ 1 ] , and it applies to salmon, pike, carp and trout.

In order to best benefit from the subtleties of the original taste of this wild-caught product, the trout can be prepared “au bleu” .

When cooking, the vinegar turns the mucus from the trout scales , which will take on a bluish tint, hence the name of the recipe.

For example, it is served with a vegetable Bordeaux sauce, court broth, lemon and melted butter … “

The photo of the fish in the pot is mine, the other with garnish is a clip from the Internet.

En Guete/Bon appetit


Burley Line Template

Claude suggested that I might upload a template for Burley Line newsletter. That way people making contributions can send in documents using fonts etc that the newsletter employs. Indeed, maybe there are some budding co-Editors who’d like to have a go at producing a full edition in the event that I’m away.

If you find it too hard, don’t worry. I’m more interested in getting good newsy stories than having them formatted in the standard fashion.

Tiger Trout Research

At the NSWCFA OGM today the meeting discussed a report in relation to stocking of Tiger Trout into various waters.  DPI have been conducting a trial of stocking Tiger Trout into waters where trout are being predated upon by redfin.  The Tiger Trout are envisaged to be less susceptible to predation by redfin, but also to contribute to control of redfin by their own predation of the redfin pest.

NSWCFA are seeking advice from DPI on their observations, however seek your assistance in a piece of ‘citizen science’.  Would seek observations by you on any evidence of Tiger Trout predating on redfin from any Tiger Trout you might take home.

The Tiger Trout experiment has been on for a while now. Lake Lyell, Thompson Creek Dam and Lake Wallace (Lithgow version) have received them already

The Tiger Trout experiment has been on for a while now. Lake Lyell, Thompson Creek Dam and Lake Wallace (Lithgow version) have received them already