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Coming Events

Next Meeting:

Wed 13th Nov – 7:30PM at Raiders Weston Club. Speaker to be advised.

Next Events:

Wed 23rd Oct – fly tying at usual time of 7:30. John will be showing us how to tie the Cartside Gurgler in preparation for the Brogo Dam outing.

Longer Term Planning:

Saturday 26th Oct – CAA are helping Men’s Link with fishing activity on LBG – we’ll be providing some angling expertise to assist the Men’s Link adults with mentoring youth proteges. More info from David or Rod. (Note I had the wrong date originally.)

Saturday 16th NovWaterbugblitz on the Cotter.

Saturday 30th Nov and Sunday 1st Dec – CAA will be running a sausage sizzle at the big sale at Compleat Angler Fyshwick.

October 2019 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 148)

There was an omission in the original version and JQ has amended the item on casting to recognise the efforts of Nathan.

Bill This edition is a truly combined effort. I’m away at the moment and JQ has stepped in to finish the edition. CAA events have been limited to our annual fly casting lessons for the public. There’s also some items extracted from our News Blog … amazing video of the brown trout spawning run from underwater. So that we don’t totally get withdrawal symptoms, Shaun has provided some instructive notes after his recent sojourn in UK. Some good lessons learnt and now shared.

Jason Thanks for the opportunity to finalise the October edition, the perfect edition right before NSW Trout Opening. ‘Juicy’ is the best word for this edition; it contains lots of great articles and something to interest every angler. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, please consider sending through your fish photos with a sentence or two. Share, share, share! Tight lines and remember to look out for those ‘wriggle’ sticks.. JQ


Snowy Hydro 2.0 Environmental Impact Statement Open for Comment

Got this from MAS:

As you will be aware the Monaro Acclimatisation Society Inc has been negotiating with Snowy Hydro for a Recreational Fishing Offset (RFO) to compensate anglers for the possibility of Redfin Perch and/or the Epizootic Haematopoietic Necrosis Virus (EHNV) being pumped into Tantangara Dam when Snowy 2.0 begins operation. An important part of the approvals process being undertaken by Snowy Hydro is the development of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

(Editor: For those of you who like summaries, the EIS is summarised here)

Snowy Hydro have released the EIS for public comment and it can be found at this link.
This EIS is very lengthy and has over 1,800 pages. The Executive of the MAS are going through the document and we will make a submission. To assist those out there wanting to make a personal or club submission we have skimmed through the document and have identified the following chapters as being relevant to the impact on trout from redfin / EHNV being pumped into Lake Tantangara.

  • EIS – Summary
  • EIS – Main Report Part 2
  • Appendix – G Mitigation measures table
  • Appendix – I Stakeholder engagement report
  • Appendix – M.2 Aquatic ecology assessment
  • Appendix – M.3 Offset strategy
  • Appendix – X.2 Recreational user impacts statement

One important thing to remember when reading this document is to understand that while mention is made of redfin and EHNV the scale of impact on trout has not been assessed. This is because the EIS is restricted to the impact on native species. However, reading through the document it will be noted that redfin/EHNV is of concern to the future of Tantangara Dam.
To this end the MAS will continue to negotiate with Snowy Hydro for the protection of the Tantangara trout fishery and we will continue to push for a strong RFO.
Steve Samuels
Monaro Acclimatisation Society Inc

(Closes around end of Oct)

Surveys Into Recreational Angling

Seems there are two currently being conducted and these, amongst other things, will provide evidence of the economic benefits and value of recreational angling. I’d suggest everyone consider participating.

With the first one, randomly selected NSW Licence holders will be asked to undertake the survey … it could be you!

The second is being conducted by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. An Australia wide statutory body.

Read more about both of these in the October issue of the NSW RFA newsletter.

Plaque for Dr Bryan Pratt

It has been one year since the passing of Canberra’s recreational fishing identity Dr Bryan Pratt. As well as establishing the A.C.T. Parks and Conservation Service he lobbied strenuously to have Googong Dam stocked with fish and opened to recreational angling. Many of you will recall his willingness to provide angling advice from his fishing tackle shops in Canberra and his relaxed and humorous fishing stories from behind the counter.

In memory of Dr Pratt, Canberra Anglers’ Association, of which he was long time President, has arranged for a memorial plaque to be placed overlooking his beloved Googong Dam.

Neil Grose Fly Tying Videos

Just got this hint from Shaun. Will pop it into our useful links page in due course:

Bill – I just came a across a series of recently uploaded tying videos from Tassie, tied by Neil Grose. Really good production, and flies you never see in shops or books. Worth sharing as a blog item I would think. Cheers, Shaun.