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Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW – Jan 2021 Newsletter

Through our affiliation with the NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers, we are engaged with the RFANSW. Their first newsletter of 2021 (here) has its usual mix of salt and freshwater. Some interesting items:

  • Recreational fishers call for proper research and data to manage Batemans Marine Park
  • UTAS Science of Fishing online course
  • Does the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust Need an INDEPENDENT Audit?

NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers Jan 21 Newsletter

Alistair McBurnie

The first of the new year has been released here

Topical items are:

  • Fish screens – benefits for fish, fishers, irrigators, communities
  • A number of items on natives especially Murray Cod, in particular the relocation of rescued cod
  • More on feral horses and Federal Government action
  • NSW fishing licence will be valid on Lake Hume in a 12 month trial this year

January 2021 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 163)

We typically don’t have a January edition, (especially since I’ve never been able to convince an ex-Vice President to do a special Christmas Edition J).  Nevertheless, I thought it particularly important this year.  A chance to report on an enjoyable end of year barbeque catching up after a year of limited gatherings and a successful coast trip (well for everyone except me L).  The ever reliable Jason M has produced reports on his aspect of the Coast trip, but he extended on to head on to Brogo where we missed out last month, plus provided some additional reporting on the Lake G outing which was run when the CAA Brogo event was cancelled.  A prolific contributor to Burley Line and always appreciated.

Moreover, looking forwards, we have an unprecedented (if ever a word was overused recently that one would have to take the cake) two events in January – Claude’s carp caper and our ever popular Jindabyne trip – occurring before we even meet for the first time in 2021.  Make sure you put them into the diary, and contact me if you have an interest in Jindy.  We already have 12 members showing interest … and note there are only 14 beds.  More information soon via email.

As I write this, President Claude is in Melbourne having his nasal passages probed by Dan Andrew’s medical staff and me having to cancel my planned trip to Terrigal later this week due to the Northern Beaches outbreak.  How soon the COVID situation can resurge after success – and threaten the chances of a few of us planning a trip to NZ in April.  As we have all agreed, 2020 has been an insane year, we can only hope things will feel more normal next year.

From me and my team of helpers, all the best for the festive season and hope to see you all in the new year.

Coming Events

Next Meeting

Wed 10th Feb 2021. First meeting for 2021. Let’s see if face to face will be back. Watch for emails.

Next Activities

Sun 17th Jan. Carp Bash with Claude. Details via email (and other posts).

Fri-Sun 29th-31st. Jindabyne hosted by Bill. Details via email (and other posts).

Wed 24th Feb. First Fly Tying. Details via email (and other posts)

More on brumbies

Did you see this one?

” Alpine river guide Richard Swain showed Ms Ley through the landscape he grew up on

“Destruction is across the entire ecosystem,” Mr Swain, a Wiradjuri man, told AAP.

The horses also trampled sediment into creeks, which affected fish breeding, Mr Swain said.”

I wonder how real is this funding and will it be actually actioned given the KNP is a NSW state asset.

Fly Rod Building

Tristan is one of our newest members joining up after the 2020 Fly Casting classes.  He looks to be dead keen and had success on the fly already in the company of BJ – week before Lyle Knowles.  Very good looking fish, especially for the Cotter so well done mate.  Particularly memorable for Tristan since it was on a glass fly rod that he had made himself.  All written up here … quite inspiring for uninitiated.

More News of Snowy 2.0 Construction – Impact on Tantangara Road

Crews will establish a work site on Tantangara Road and Quarry Trail Road at Tantangara Reservoir. This will involve a partial closure of Tantangara Road, and reduced speed limit during site establishment and preparatory construction activities. Some traffic control will be in place to help manage access on Tantangara Road. Quarry Trail Road on the western side of Tantangara will remain closed until further notice.

Construction work is not expected to impact the Tantangara boat ramp.

For more information contact Future Generation Joint Venture on the Snowy 2.0 Community Information Line 1800 766 992 (1800Snowy2) or

More info below:

Petition to see KNP Feral Horse Management Plan Released

Unfortunately only open to NSW residents.

If you follow the link below you will find a petition regarding the release of a feral horse management plan for Kosciuszko National Park. Could you please fill it in and send the link to all your networks and encourage them to fill it in as well.

I understand KNP is currently managing under a decade old plan. Much work has been undertaken to develop a new plan but there has been a lack of transparency.

Please sign on: