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Snowy 2.0 Work Notification – Geological investigations + ongoing underwater installation of communication cable at Talbingo – from 1 August 2020

Attached is a notification about geological investigations at Talbingo Reservoir and continuing work to install the underwater communication cable. The work will involve intermittent disruptions to the boat ramp at Talbingo Reservoir from 1 August to 31 October 2020.

Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach – Winter 2020 Report

Normally I’d keep this for the next Burley Line (there’s a lot of good stuff here), but there is one item promoting an online session tomorrow 30 Jul.

With contributions from over 100 Indigenous individuals and organisations, these Indigenous-led Guidelines support a step-change in learning, by both Indigenous peoples and their partners, about best practice ways of working with Indigenous knowledge to look after land and sea Country. Supported by NAILSMA and CSIRO, and funded by the Northern Australia Hub of the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program (NESP), the Our Knowledge Our Way Guidelines are based on 23 case studies that illustrate the critical principle that Indigenous people must decide what is best practice when working with their knowledge.  The launch will be held online between 1-2pm on the 30th July.  It features a short film, followed by a Q&A session with indigenous co-authors and partners.  Register online here.

August 2020 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 158)

Our angling has slowed down but it was a morale boost to get a number of articles from regular contributors.  Thanks Jason and Claude for submitting some interesting articles – even if the results of your expeditions did not include fish (we are an Angling association after all), the information obtained will stand us all in good stead.  As ever, I’m impressed by how keen young Luke has become – rewarded here with ‘photo of the month’ plus another photo in his article.  Ever vigilant Jaime spotted one item – make sure you click through to the link in respect to the huge cod landed in LBG.  There is hope still for all of us to land a lunker locally.  Lyall has put in two promotions – for our free casting lessons and for Peter Morse’s classes coming up here in Canberra.  Lots of other news from near and far in this edition.

Our new Facebook editor had a reassuring incident this month.  I’d put up in the CAA (website) News Blog a promotion for our annual fly casting lessons.  Someone following the blog (everyone should think about subscribing) was sufficiently enthused that they then announced the event on the CAA Facebook page just ahead of Shaun doing it himself.  We’ve got 47 folk subscribing to the CAA blog for emailed alerts (some are not CAA members).  By contrast we have 424 followers on Facebook (almost none are CAA members) and more every day.  I wonder if CAA should get onto Instagram and Twitter with the way this newfangled social media is being embraced.

CAA’s Big AGM Raffle

Given the AGM is going ‘virtual’ with us meeting on-line via Zoom, the traditional raffle has also gone on-line.

If you haven’t already bought your ticket, best you hurry. Buy your tickets ‘contact-free’ by transferring your money to the Canberra Anglers’ Association bank account at BSB 032727, Account 240159. $10 per ticket. Be sure to include your name in the bank reference. Lucky winners will be announced at the AGM.

$300 of prizes suited to all styles of angling. They include a Snowbee fish smoker, a McLean Angling folding weigh net (kg and lbs) made in New Zealand and a SIMMS wading koozy.

2020 Free Fly Casting Lessons to the Public

Yes, it is that time of year again. We are organising COVID-careful fly casting tuition for the public on the lawn at Old Parliament House on 13 and 20 September then moving to Googong Dam on 27 September to cast on the water and maybe catch a fish.

It is an excellent opportunity for outreach by Canberra Anglers’ Association and we have had scores of people tell us that their first exposure to fly fishing was at Old Parliament House. Not to mention the opportunity to sell the best sausage sandwiches in the southern hemisphere … no, the best on the planet.

We anticipate having our usual fantastic CAA casting instructors and members to circulate amongst members of the public to fine tune their casting. And, as usual, we will have raffles for all kinds of angling gear and hopefully a major raffle prize of a fly rod from a generous benefactor.

The best news is that we will have Master Casting Instructor, author and photographer Peter Morse joining us on 13 September to showcase the latest in Sage fly rods and Rio lines so we expect a big turnout by the public to meet him. Peter was the host of the long-running SBS fly fishing TV series Wildfish and our own Secretary as been asked more than a few times when they were travelling together “Is that the famous Peter Morse?” “Naaah, this bloke just looks like him.”

Please block off 13, 20 and 27 September in your diaries and come to the premier fly casting event of the year in Canberra.

A copy of the flyer is downloadable from the link below in case you want to print it off – pop it up on a notice board at work!

Coming Events

Next Meeting:

Wed 12th August. Annual General Meeting – to be advised if Raiders is accepting groups like ours. If, as likely, it is via Zoom then we’ll have an ‘unprecedented experience’ of virtual trophy awards 🙂

Next Events:

Wed 26th Aug. Fly tying via probably via Zoom still. Expect more details via email.

Sun 13th, 20th and 27th Sep. Free flycasting lessons for the public. See separate post here

Opera House Yabby Trap Ban


NSW is still lagging behind with banning these traps and implementing their exchange project. ACT is enacting the change. CAA Sec emailed this today:

The ACT Government is introducing a new Fisheries (Fishing Gear) instrument which prohibits the use and possession of opera-house nets in all ACT waters (including private waters). This instrument also allows the use of open-top pyramid nets in waters where hoop-nets are allowed – please see the following link to view the instrument . This has now been notified and the changes to these fishing gear rules now apply in the ACT.

Minister Gentleman has announced an opera-house net swap program ,this will allow Canberran’s to swap opera-house nets for an open-top pyramid net free of charge at participating retailers. We hope this will see less opera-house nets in the community and result in less deaths of non-target native animals captured in these nets. Flyer:

Draft State Strategic Plan for Crown land

Comments sought by Thu 20 Aug.

I got this from the NSW CFA Jul Newsletter. I’ll highlight the rest in the Aug Burley Line but this item was too urgent.

All the information and see the promotional video here.

Crown land is highly valued and enjoyed by individuals and diverse communities across NSW. It is used for a wide variety of purposes, from farms, parks, reserves, roads and cemeteries, to showgrounds, campgrounds, surf clubs, community halls and industrial sites…. did someone also think angler access!

Under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 (the Act) the NSW Government is required to create a State Strategic Plan for Crown land. The State Strategic Plan will set the vision, priorities and overarching strategy for the management of Crown land and outline timeframes and outcomes.

Here’s your chance to comment.

More News of MAS Concept for a Trout Grow Out Facility as Part of Snowy Hydro 2.0

Got this from Pres MAS

Dear Supporters

On 2 July 2020, MAS Secretary Rod Whiteway and I met with NSW Fisheries to discuss our Concept Plan for the trout grow-out facility which is to be developed as an off-set for Snowy Hydro 2.0. During this meeting we presented our plan and our four priorities. At the end of this meeting NSW Fisheries asked that the MAS enter into “Agreed Principles” with DPI for the project. The MAS Executive is working on this and we will make a decision soon.

On 7 July I met with Snowy Hydro to present our Concept Plan to them. It is my assessment that our Concept Plan was well received.

Under the Final Assessment, Snowy Hydro is required to develop a detailed Recreational Fishing Management Plan, which includes a program involving the spending of $5 million over 5 years during construction (of Snowy Hydro 2.0) to develop the capability to restock, and to restock, the Tantangara Reservoir and Lake Eucumbene with salmonid fish. The anglers of the region have provided substantial support for the MAS proposal that the facility must produce fish of such a size that can withstand redfin predation. The MAS has identified 200 to 250mm as the preferred size and this has subsequently been confirmed by DPI researchers.

To get trout to this size it is imperative that the Gaden Trout Hatchery is capable of operating year-round with minimal impact from reduced water flow or high-water temperatures. Over the last two hatchery seasons we have seen Gaden production impacted by Thredbo River hot water events. It is likely that these hot water events will continue ad hoc into the future. Because of climate change there is the distinct probability such events will become more frequent. The MAS has formed the view that Water Temperature Security (WTS) is the critical element in any Plan for the facility. To ensure WTS the MAS has developed this Concept Plan to ensure WTS for the grow-out facility and Gaden Hatchery generally.

The MAS has adopted the position that there are four priorities for this project, and they are non-negotiable in concept. They are:

  • Water Temperature Security must be secured for Gaden Hatchery,
  • The facility must be capable of growing out a minimum of 150,000 yearling trout per annum for stocking,
  • A suitable fish transporter must be part of the plan to ensure trout are stocked efficiently and effectively, and
  • Holding a reserve of funds for the mid-term repair or replacement of the pump and / or pipeline.

If you would like more detail on the Concept Plan you can find it on the MAS Web Site at this link.

The MAS will keep you informed as the project develops.

Steve Samuels


Monaro Acclimatisation Society Inc.

July 2020