Apr 2017 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 120)

The arrival of Eli has been a moment of excitement, not just for JQ and Darlene, but perhaps for many in the club.  The traditional gift of flowers was sent to mark the occasion.  We all wish them well with this next exciting phase of their family life.  By the way, the card on Eli’s cot is showing an incorrect length, apparently his ‘blue book’ has 47.5cm recorded!

This issue of The Burley Line has reports from local fishing in a number of contexts plus some discussion on what might have a big impact on trout fishing in the mountains: “Snowy Hydro 2.0” as Malcolm is calling it.  One guest correspondent has provided a report on “Twigwater” in the Snowies, but perhaps more topical in the newsletter item on that report is a link to some videos including a familiar face – check it out.

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