Cooking – Smoked Trout and Horseradish Spread with Dill and Sage

Lyall has provided this recipe – I presume he is not talking about fly tackle when we uses the term ‘Sage’, though he can’t help himself but to slip the logo in :).  Some introductory notes to entice you to read further are below, full recipe here; Smoked_Trout_Horseradish_Dip_with_Dill_and_Sage

This is another version of smoked trout dip taken from 101 Trout Recipes.  The wasabi-style horseradish should be added teaspoon by teaspoon so that smoke does not come out of your ears after you have added too much!!!  You may wish to add powdered Cajun seasoning to complement the horseradish zing.


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