Fly Tying 24 Nov 2021 – Royal Wulf variant – Effective on the Cotter

Claude hosted on Wednesday 24 November demonstrating a Royal Wulff Variant.



Claude was particularly keen to tie some Royal Wulffs after seeing one of our new club members, Al, catch double digit (numbers of) rainbows on one Royal Wulff fly on a recent Cotter River outing. Not having time to go down the fancy white calf tail route (if you can find it) and wanting to do some quick ties, Claude decided to experiment with a not so complicated “Royal Like Wulff’ dry fly pattern, not using any calf tail or hackle and just going for a Elk Hair wing…and while he was there….he wondered if not having a tail matters? He tied a number of versions that were tested the following weekend. Well it was successful…with fish being caught on multiple variants – EH tail, Crystal flash tail, and no tail….the fish were not monsters but still fun to catch.




Dry fly hook of size that you feel comfortable tying

Dark thread – 8

Peacock herl or dub

Red thread, dub or floss

Elk Hair

The three flies tied by Claude on the night. (Ed: I’m ashamed to say mine are very poor and not available for viewing by the public )

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