New Zealand – Claude and BJ – updated

Maestro v Magician on the Mackenzie

Claude and BJ revealed to a number of us “NZ old hands” that they had engineered a week in Twizel. Much animated discussions on how and where followed.

BJ offered some hints to entice you to read the full report (or perhaps more likely to have a chat over a beer at a future meeting):

“Claude’s tricky F-Fly switcharoo calling a rainbow from the deep, the in-plain-sight 2 rod-lengths away staring competition with a 65cm brown (that he lost when he blinked) on the tarn, and the ‘no-strike’ strike technique that worked once and failed once. The Maestro was as much a magician as Declan and never (ever) failed to pull a rainbow (or 3) out of a lie.”

Meanwhile, here is the full report:


Claude subsequently sent me this stunning photo. He tells me “the location was Lake Pukaki at the delta. If the weather is good it’s great fishing in the shallows with small nymphs polaroiding and where the Tasman river braids flow into the lake

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