October 2019 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 148)

There was an omission in the original version and JQ has amended the item on casting to recognise the efforts of Nathan.

Bill This edition is a truly combined effort. I’m away at the moment and JQ has stepped in to finish the edition. CAA events have been limited to our annual fly casting lessons for the public. There’s also some items extracted from our News Blog … amazing video of the brown trout spawning run from underwater. So that we don’t totally get withdrawal symptoms, Shaun has provided some instructive notes after his recent sojourn in UK. Some good lessons learnt and now shared.

Jason Thanks for the opportunity to finalise the October edition, the perfect edition right before NSW Trout Opening. ‘Juicy’ is the best word for this edition; it contains lots of great articles and something to interest every angler. I hope you enjoy it, and as always, please consider sending through your fish photos with a sentence or two. Share, share, share! Tight lines and remember to look out for those ‘wriggle’ sticks.. JQ


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