August 2021 Burley Line (Newsletter Issue 170)

With our winter shutdown of events, fishing reports are a bit thin … thank you Jason M for coming up with some news from the end of the stream season!!  Also, your notes that missed the deadline for last month’s newsletter which provides additional input to the June Chill trip report.  Plus, get a load of Rod’s fish on our front cover! though he might have graced the cover if I’d received Mike’s in advance … still, Mike has promised me some more and a report so he’ll get his turn.

Lots of other stuff, especially for those who don’t follow us on Facebook or have not subscribed for email notifications of new items on our news blog.  (To subscribe for the latter use the form on the right of the news blog page.)

Our AGM is coming soon (11 Aug), pop it into your diary.  Make some serious consideration of putting your hand up to become a committee member – either on the Executive, or as a less onerous Council member.  With the AGM will come the need to renew your membership/pay the fees.  Note that the annual fee is actually endorsed at the AGM, it makes sense then to hold off paying fees until the AGM has confirmed continuation of the current fee or a change (don’t make it harder for the Treasurer folks).

Am still wondering if there are any budding assistant editors out there … maybe Greg W on his return from UK? 🙂  COVID has slowed down my international travel, but surely it can’t last forever and some help here would be most appreciated.  Don’t worry, I can handle the technical stuff of uploading wherever I am in the world, but typing up the newsletter itself (on my phone) is a bit much to ask.  We have a fancy template (built by big Luke a while ago) so all you need is Microsoft Word and a little time – advice will be provided.

CRFA closure … after a lingering period of no activity, but still no formal de-incorporation, the President of the Capital Region Fishing Alliance (our very own Jason M) has advised me that we can consider it to be closed.  A shame really that we don’t have a formal forum for local clubs to band together and provide greater clout in dealings with ACT Government on angling matters.

NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers AGM (and quarterly OGM) is on Sat 21 Aug at 10 AM via Zoom.  You don’t need to be a formally identified Delegate to attend (you just can’t vote unless you are a Delegate – CAA is entitled to two voting people).  Latest word is that our prime point of contact in DPI (Mr Jim Harnwell) is due to speak – should be interesting.  ‘Come along’ and hear what the Council has been doing for us.

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