Change to Trophy Rules

The AGM in August discussed the anomaly that fish caught on an official CAA event held outside the defined trophy regions (NSW CFA Regions 3 and 4) could not be considered for trophies under the extant rules. This was further discussed at the Bondi Forest executive ‘retreat’ and revised rules were developed. These were endorsed at the September CAA meeting. Also endorsed was an expansion of the number of trophies to include trophies for cod, golden perch (named the Charlie Diedo trophy), bass and English Perch (redfin).

The revised rules (including, in due course, a ‘worked example’ of the slightly complicated trout trophies) are now on the web.

3 thoughts on “Change to Trophy Rules

  1. Jaime

    Hi Friends,

    Jaime here. I just read that the Lyle Knowles considers the best bag of 2 trout. Does it mean the length’s sum of the 2 fish? Just want to have the right idea. Thanks!

  2. bill Post author

    Committee has decided that Lyle Knowles will be decided on the best (ie longest nose to tail) individual fish. I’ll fix the trophy rule page soon.

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