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Update on Nov Fly Tying

24th – 25th Nov – chasing bass at Brogo – more information via email from Stefan. For those who have not been before, some information is available on our website.

28th Nov – Fly Tying at usual time of 7:30PM at Raiders Weston – Lyall is leading on an interesting sounding fly: PFD (personal floatation device) Humpy.

12th Dec – Last meeting of the year – as usual this will be a BYO BBQ by Lake Burley Griffin at Lotus Bay (near the back of the Hyatt Hotel). Those who can get there early typically wet a line pending the BBQ.

14th – 16th Dec – Jindabyne trip – more info via email soon, but meantime here is an old set of notes that are basically still relevant (prices/dates for RSVP to be confirmed after the Brogo trip). This is always a great event in comfortable accommodation. Evan is taking his vice and has offered to host a tying night (or wet weather program!) – bring your gear. Next Burley Line features his latest carp creation – we may get some expert tips on tying it.

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