Compleat Angler Canberra – Update

(Key update – more fly related stock has arrived from Hardy and …. my memory fails me but another well known brand 🤔 Airflo?)

Nathan is back in town and has been recruited as the fulltime manager of the new Compleat Angler Canberra. It is in the previous WetSpot shop at 16 Wollongong St, Fyshwick (their sign will be replaced by a Compleat Angler soon). The shop is also selling Hobie kayaks etc and offering servicing for kayak owners.

One thing has changed. The shop will be supporting CAA for raffles etc, but individual discounts via club membership won’t be offered. Instead individuals will be getting bonus credits with each purchase through an individual loyalty plan. Nathan can explain fully when you drop in. The credit amount depends on what you buy but my recent experience was that mine was around 10%.

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