Progress of the development of the National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) – Final comments due 12th December

Three new issues paper and two new reports are now available for review and comment. Please login or register at to access these papers.

The NCCP “have your say” website will close on December 12. All comments will be provided to the Australian Government as part of their assessment of the next steps for the NCCP. Remaining NCCP research projects will be published on the NCCP website ( during December.

Issues Paper – Non-target species susceptibility testing and host-switching risk in carp biocontrol. 

This paper summarises the work around determining if the carp virus is species specific.


Issues Paper – Water quality and carp biocontrol using Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3). 

This NCCP issues paper explains research into the impacts of carp deaths on water quality.


Issues Paper – Managing water quality impacts by carcass management. 

This NCCP issues paper outlines the approach to managing dead carp to mitigate impacts on water quality. 


Report – Water quality risk assessment of carp biocontrol for Australian waterways. 

This work undertaken by the University of Adelaide Environment Institute assessed what would happen to water quality if there was a surge in the number of dead carp in inland waterways.


Report – Synergistic genetic biocontrol options for common carp.

This research reviewed genetic biocontrol options for carp in Australia that could possibly be used in co-ordination with other biocontrol methods such as the carp virus. This research was conducted by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland

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